Pircio and Outdoor Advertising

Bus advertising is the most seen outdoor advertising medium, with 61% of consumers saying they had seen bus adverts in the last seven days (Source: TGI). Not only that, bus advertising is a non-intrusive means of advertising, giving you maximum exposure within everyday life. What’s not to love?

This photo of Pircio shows this perfectly. Our Regional Account Manager, Peter, took this photo whilst he was out and about in Epping. Even whilst stationary at a bus stop, this bus is unmissable and, therefore, bus advertising is unmissable! 

Pircio is a family-run restaurant with 25 years of experience in the catering industry. Their aim is to create the feeling of being part of the family whilst enjoying delicious Italian and Turkish cuisine. With an array of friendly staff providing an attentive dining service, diners get the ultimate customer satisfaction. 

All of their dishes are passionately crafted to give customers a range of authentic and traditional flavours. They strive to make dishes that fulfil a true Italian’s essential senses; exceptionally tasty yet simple food. Pircio interprets dishes from Tuscany, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia and they only use the finest olive oil in all of their recipes. Their lifelong passion for food and family emulates in their dishes and ambience. It’s a true dining delight!

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Their Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Pircio opted for 2 Single Deck Mega Rears over a 12-month period on the Trusty Bus fleet in Essex.  Single Deck Mega Rears are one of our most popular panel types, offering a stunning visual option to make your business stand out from the crowd. This, teamed with the extended dwelling time they offer, makes Mega Rears an excellent advertising option.

Outdoor advertising is also an excellent accompaniment to online marketing. Pircio added their social media platforms to their artwork; resulting in the two mediums working cohesively to promote the restaurant.

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