Tram Super Square Advertising Nottingham

Advertise in Nottingham with a Tram Super Square

With trams constantly travelling around Nottingham, you can get your advertising message in front of 1000s of potential new customers every day. A tram Super Square is a perfect way to really create an impact with an unmissable 100-square-foot advert. Covering the whole centre section of the tram, including the windows, you have space to be creative and generate a memorable advert that keeps your brand front of mind. Adverta’s specialist outdoor advertising team can walk you through the whole process from:
  • Choosing the right tram routes
  • Deciding a campaign length to create a good return on investment
  • Creating a compelling design to capture your audience’s attention
Our in-house production and display teams then take over to get your advert produced and fitted to the tram.

Tram Super Square Specifications:

  • The whole centre carriage is completely wrapped, including windows, to form a stunning centrepiece on one side of a tram, measuring 13ft x 10ft
  • Super Squares sit between the two main sets of passenger doors for high visibility
  • Super Squares can be positioned, according to the vehicle, on either side of the tram
  • They are the only portrait-shaped opportunity on the side of a tram and hence lend themselves well to any advertisement that can be transferred from a press portrait format
  • With trams having the ability to cut through the centre of the city, your advert will grab the attention of Nottingham’s audience where it is most concentrated