Create an impact with a Tram Mega Side

This product is intended to be used by those whose budgets can’t stretch to a full Tram Wrap but would like the impact that a whole tram side gives. The Mega Side includes wrapping one side of a NET Tram with ample space to really create an impression and a buzz about your brand to residents and visitors in the city.
  • One of Nottingham’s largest mobile advertising platforms
  • The entire side of the tram is covered, including windows, creating a stunning and unmissable advertisement
  • With your advert constantly on the move, a Mega Side creates an eye-catching, unavoidable way to promote your business or event
  • Let the creative juices flow and make a real impact on the street
  • With trams having the ability to cut through the centre of the city, your advert will grab the attention of Nottingham’s audience where it is most concentrated