Make a real impact with a Tram Wrap advertisement

Taking advantage of the full vehicle to create your advert is an opportunity not to be missed! Your advert will be working hard getting your message and brand in front of commuters and pedestrians in the centre of Nottingham. Tram Wrap advantages:
  • Nottingham’s largest mobile advertising platform!
  • Covering both sides, including windows, as well as the rear of the vehicle, Tram Wraps are absolutely stunning and unmissable
  • With your advert constantly on the move, a wrap creates an eye-catching and unavoidable way to promote your business or event
  • The Tram Wrap creates visual ‘ownership’ of the tram, allowing an advertiser to let the creative juices flow and make a real impact on the street
  • With trams having the ability to cut through the centre of the city, your advert will grab the attention of Nottingham’s audience where it is most concentrated
Our tram wraps are perfectly paired with our Tram Super Headliners to also target the 16.5 million customers who ride the tram every year with NET.