"Over half the adult population have seen advertising on the side of a bus in the last week" ~ TGI

Adverta is a specialist in putting outdoor advertising messages in front of your target audience. As shown by the following independent bus statistics, you can get your bus advert in front a varied audience.






 Route – Update R22 (Feb ’17)

This graph shows various campaign weights (frames) and the reach each variant, on average, results in:




The survey that the below excerpts have been taken from was prepared in March 2016 and is based on a total of 7,046 responses, all outside of London.

Bus Statistics from the UK: Users v Non-users

Over half of the population are bus users, with nearly one in three using at least weekly


Bus usage: all respondents representative


Bus Statistics 1




The second section of the below statistics shows the split of bus users and non-bus users by age. We can see that there is a slightly higher percentage of younger people and pensioners as bus-users but, on the whole, the results are similar


Profile of respondents: all bus users versus non-bus users


Bus Statistics 2




 Bus users profile by PTE*



Bus Statistics 3



 *PTE: Passenger Transport Executive. These are local government bodies who are responsible for public transport within large urban areas




The survey found that the main journey purpose for bus users is for shopping trips, followed by social trips. One in four mainly use buses to commute


Reasons for bus travel (journey purpose): all bus users


Bus Statistics 4


Source: http://www.transportfocus.org.uk/


Bus Statistics: Key Advertising Information

  • 30 million people have seen advertising on a bus in the last week and 90% of people live within five minutes of a bus route (Source: TGI)
  • Out of Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week (Source: Route)
  • UK adults spend 70% of their time out-of-home (Source: TGI)
  • 83% of people recall seeing Out of Home advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping (Source: Outsmart, Window of Influence, 2011)
  • 86% of consumers can spontaneously talk in detail about a specific bus advert and over half of those consumers talked about an advert seen in the last three days (Source: Road to Enlightenment: QMedia)
  • Bus advertising is the most seen outdoor advertising medium, with 61% of consumers saying they had seen bus adverts in the last seven days (Source: TGI)
  • 35% of 25 to 34-year-olds have seen advertising either inside or outside a bus in the last week (Source: TGI)
  • 29% of all adults use the bus for at least one hour a week and the average bus journey lasts 30 minutes (Source: TGI)
  • 79% of consumers across Britain prefer buses with ads (Source: Road to Enlightenment: QMedia)
  • 74% of people in the regions agree that buses are an important part of the community, giving businesses who advertise on buses a positive relationship with the local population (Source: Road to Enlightenment: QMedia)