Just Eat – Tram Advertising in Nottingham

Nottingham tram advertising

Our winning Campaign of the Month for July was none other than Just Eat for their bold tram wrap in Nottingham.

Brought to life in 2001 and surrounded by a world of celebrity chefs and television recipes, the founders of Just Eat decided that cooking should be left to the professionals. With this in mind, it seemed an obvious choice to make ordering take away easier – thus the birth of Just Eat (and where would we all be without it?!).

The popularity of Just Eat has gone from strength to strength; setting up shop in 13 different markets including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and, of course, the UK.  Just Eat has recruited 64,000 restaurants along the way and gained a whopping 14.2 million customers worldwide.

Now the country’s leading online takeaway ordering service, there are over 30,000 restaurants to choose from in the UK alone, giving us hungry public a spectacular choice. The cuisine options are endless, ranging from Chinese, Indian and Italian to burgers, pizza and the beloved kebabs! We don’t know about you but all this food is making us hungry!

Just Eat are very excited about their statement advertising campaign on the trams. Alys Mathew, Head of Partner Marketing at Just Eat, said “At Just Eat, we strongly believe in supporting local communities around the UK, helping them discover and order their favourite food locally. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Nottingham tram. Once we agreed on the activity, the process to get live was quick and smooth and we are hugely pleased with the way the tram looks! With over 340 restaurants in Nottingham delivering thousands of takeaways every week, we hope that the people of Nottingham continue to enjoy their favourite dishes”.

To find out about Just Eat restaurants near you, please click here.


Their Statement Advertising Campaign

Tram Wraps are visually stunning!  Wrapped trams cover on both sides, including windows, making your advert unavoidable to commuters, pedestrians and road users; basically everyone in the Nottingham city centre! With trams being constantly on the move, a wrapped tram will capture the eye of many an audience, allowing your business or event to make the biggest impact possible in a wonderfully creative way.

A wrapped tram gives you visual ‘ownership’ of the tram, allowing the advertiser to get their creative juices flowing on the design. Just Eat opted to use their bold branding colours all over the tram, resulting in an unmissable moving billboard. They teamed this with a simple message to promote their app; all in all creating a clear, bold statement advertising campaign.


Thinking About Bus or Tram Advertising?

Buses are on the road between 10 and 18 hours a day, up to seven days a week. That’s a lot of time that your brand or event could be getting in front of your target audience! As well as being in town and city centres, buses also take to the residential areas, increasing the viewing further. We even have some buses that do more rural routes, which suit some of our clients and their needs.

With transport advertising, you’re not relying on a prospective customer to buy a form of print media and to turn the page onto your particular advert. You’re not relying on them having the radio or TV on at just the right time to catch your advert.

The only thing you have to rely on is us, Adverta, to look after your marketing needs from start to finish and we have decades of experience in doing so.