Paul Carr Estate Agents – Winner of February’s Campaign of the Month

Here at Adverta, we are passionate about bus advertising and the unavoidable visual effects that it creates. We were therefore delighted to be able to catch up with Sue Palmer, Group Manager for Paul Carr Estate Agents, to inform her that their campaign had been chosen as the latest winner and to hear her feedback on the bus advertising campaign.

Sue was really pleased with the response generated and says that with the impact from their two single deck mega rear and one double deck mega rear bus adverts, it is apparent that the buses are getting their company name out there and are being noticed.

Sue told us “Advertising is essential within any business to promote your company brand.  Paul Carr Estate Agents have been helping people move for over 35 years and are fully aware of how essential brand awareness is.   We have used all media avenues over the years but nothing has ever created such a response that the bus advertising has caused – everybody is talking about it!

We have had fantastic response from the local community who have spotted the buses which creates such a ‘buzz’.   If people are aware of it and talking about us, they won’t forget us.

Thank you to the team at Adverta for your constant support throughout the process and for your help in creating the brilliant eye catching artwork. Definitely one of the best things we have ever done!”

We are glad to have been able to help Paul Carr Estate Agents increase their brand awareness and are thrilled that they are able to report such a good response.