Latest Testimonial from T & S Heating Ltd

Adverta are always delighted to hear positive feedback from our customers about their local bus advertising campaigns.

T & S Heating Ltd of Nottingham have a single deck and two double deck mega rear bus adverts, a superside and a T-side bus advert, all cleverly matching the branding of their company vans for maximum brand awareness around Nottingham.

I think it’s fair to say that they are reaping the rewards of their advertising campaign; read what Byronie of T & S Heating Ltd has to say.

“I found booking the bus advertisements with Adverta really smooth going. It was easy to arrange for the representative, Mike, to come out to us and go through our options and prices. Mike was extremely knowledgeable and did not use any pushy, hard sales tactics. I thought at first that I would only be able to afford to book one or two small adverts but I came away with 5 different adverts, including 2 full backs of the double decker buses. The adverts really are great value.

The design team was great to work with, even when the deadline was looming we were still asking for changes to be done to the adverts and nothing was too much trouble for them. The artwork is just what we were looking for. The only delays we had during this process were caused by our own suppliers taking a long time to provide suitable pictures.

The adverts were put on the buses straight away and I was sent photos of them as soon as they were done. I am really happy with the result and Mike has also sent me photos of our buses out and about on their routes.

I have had good feedback from customers who have seen the buses on the road. I had a new customer phone on Friday whilst he was sitting behind our T & S bus advertisement. He had just received a phone call from his tenants saying that their boiler had broken down, and he looked up and saw our advert and called us straight away. We have been out to quote his property for a new boiler.

One of my colleagues received a phone call today from someone else that was sitting behind another one of our bus adverts and phoned for a break down and for a quotation for a new boiler.

As I have been writing this, I had another new customer contact us who was walking down the street and had seen our bus and who booked in for a quotation for a new boiler.

I am really pleased with the work and service that Adverta have provided and I would highly recommend them to other companies who are looking to advertise.”

With over 20 years’ experience, Adverta offers an affordable, tailored advertising solution by promoting local businesses on local bus routes.  Buses are a great medium for advertising. With their size and mobility, your advert can be seen all around cities and towns, reaching hundreds of potential customers again and again. They target the out and about consumer with constant influence for what to buy and where to go with timetabled frequency. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your advertising needs.