Do you #GetConsent?

We are pleased to announce that Consent Coalition has been named “Winners of the Year for 2022” for its effective campaign. Back in March, they deservedly won our Campaign of the Month accolade.

Their aim is no tolerance, understanding, empowerment, empathy, healthy relationships, no harassment, challenge, and resources. With a clear message that the Consent Coalition stands together to say that Nottingham does not tolerate any form of sexual violence.

The Consent Coalition is a group of 27 businesses and organisations in Nottinghamshire, and growing, jointly working together to raise awareness of the importance of consent, dispel myths about rape and sexual violence, and encourage survivors and victims to seek help and report any sexual violence. These include Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham City Council, and Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to name a few.

Back in 2021, Mike Terry, our Sales and Commercial Director, contacted  Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership to offer support for the Consent Coalition’s great campaign.

They decided on a 12-month campaign to advertise on Nottingham City Transport and Net Nottingham Tram, which included eight different buses and one tram, as well as 6-sheets, to gain significant exposure in Nottingham city centre. In March 2022, they launched their advertising campaign.

They’ve chosen to go BIG with this campaign in order to get the word out with adverts on two Double-Deck Mega Rears, six Single-Deck Mega Rears and four 6 sheets.

In addition, one full tram wrap and one full double-decker bus wrap are included. The wraps are as good as it gets: they’re huge mobile billboards. Making a strong statement on the street and is an eye-catching, unavoidable way to promote any campaign.

Caroline Henry, the Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, in conjunction with The Consent Coalition campaign was so pleased with this campaign that they provided us with this powerful testimony:

“While consent may seem a simple concept to most, there continues to be a lack of awareness, respect, and understanding about what it really means, as evidenced by the many prosecutions through our courts every year.

People need to understand sex without consent is rape – and that includes within a relationship. There is no justification and no excuses. Consent impacts everyone, from married couples and friends through to new and long-term partners.

This campaign discusses consent in an open and transparent way to encourage people to make the right choices. I am determined to do everything necessary to protect people from the trauma of rape and sexual crimes and this includes taking a proactive approach to ensure people are better informed of their responsibilities and the law.”

Louis Graham, Sexual Violence Lead & Nottingham Consent Coalition Co-ordinator, had this to add:

“Consent is incredibly important, but it is a topic that is often not talked about. Not in Nottingham though, we recognise how important it is to educate each other on consent and challenge sexual violence myths and behaviours. The Consent Coalitions A-Z of Consent campaign provides key facts for each letter of the alphabet, such as sharing of images, victim blaming, coercion, and choice. By encouraging bold conversations and raising awareness of consent, we can start to create a culture where consent is at the centre of all relationships. We are delighted to have been voted as Adverta’s number one campaign, a huge thank you to all those who made this possible. Watch this space for our next new consent campaign!”

The launch of the campaign has achieved great publicity which included news coverage with BBC– Nottingham.

A-Z of Consent

The Consent Coalition campaign offers a variety of services, including links to sexual and violent support group helplines, specialist training, and awareness resources such as short films that emphasise the consent message, as well as a guide for survivors and how to report an occurrence.

They have cleverly devised an online “A-Z for Consent” providing critical key consent facts for each letter of the alphabet. Here are some examples: –

A for apps dating apps should be fun. But cyberstalking, unwanted pics and sharing without consent happens way too often. So, if they haven’t asked you to do it: don’t do it.

K for KissIs just that – a kiss. It is not a contract and does not mean you have to do anything else. You are free to give and withdraw consent at any time, even if you have started kissing or touching someone.

Z for Zero ToleranceNottinghamshire stands together with zero tolerance for sexual violence.

Please visit their website to get all the necessary information and help.

You are encouraged to download their free campaign posters to become a supporter of the Consent Coalition. and are invited to tag them on @ConsentInNotts or #AZConsent.

Adverta is thrilled with the final design for this advertising campaign. We would like to congratulate our Sales and Commercial Director, Mike, and everyone involved in this fantastic outdoor advertising campaign.

Mike told us “This campaign being our campaign of the year was a no-brainer as far as I was concerned; it not only carries a very important social message but does so in a very eye-catching way. Many months of planning have gone into making this happen and I’m delighted with the end results and even happier that the Coalition is so happy with it”.


Bus Statistics: Key Advertising Information

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  • Out of Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week (Source: Route)
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