Nottingham on Call – 24/7 Reassurance

Nottingham on Call is almost like the 4th emergency service for Nottingham local residents and beyond.

From their Nottingham-based contact centre, they offer a variety of products, services, and equipment for personal care alarms and monitoring services.

Their friendly local team will be on the end of the phone to help customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Their aim is to help their customers live independent lives. They will always make sure there is help if someone has a fall, feels unwell, or hurts themselves and needs assistance. Their top priority is the welfare of each customer and they will tailor a service to suit each individual needs.

We are delighted to announce that because of their dedication and support they are the deserving winners of our Campaign of the Month.

Mike Terry our Sales and Commercial Director made initial contact with Stag Communication an agency working on behalf of Nottingham on Call back in September and in October their campaign went live.

Mike Terry said; “I’m thrilled that Nottingham on Call has won our campaign of the month for November as it is a very important service for the people of Nottingham. It’s great seeing it so often in the city areas and the creative is very eye-catching so I’m sure it will be a tremendous success”

In order to promote their brand and reach a wide audience throughout Nottingham, Nottingham on Call has chosen twelve Superside panels on a 12-week contract (shown here) on Nottingham City Transport.

The 20ft long ‘banner’ is an impact headline, providing a constant prompt close to retail or entertainment locations. Reaching out to audiences, over the hustle and bustle of the street.

Nottingham on Call

Based in the heart of Nottingham, their dedicated and trained staff are local and know the local area, services, and roads. The fleet of local response vehicles can get out to an individual’s home if they have a non-medical emergency and don’t have family or friends nearby to help and can get out to individuals as quickly as possible if needed. They will recommend bespoke packages at affordable prices.

Their dedicated and highly trained call centre team takes over 30,000 calls every month, 1,000 of which are critical and require an urgent response, and are all trained in how best to deal with crisis situations and are skilled in dealing with people in distress, while still alerting family, friends, or the emergency services.

Their service is not just available to individuals across Nottingham and its neighbouring districts; they work in Rushcliffe, Ashfield and even East Derbyshire, working closely with other housing organisations to support their services for older people.

Nottingham on Call was set up and is owned by Nottingham City Homes, an organisation managing around 27,000 council and leasehold homes across the city of Nottingham.

Nottingham on Call is aware that as you get older circumstances in life can change and it can become harder to live independently. They know how important it is that their customers are able to stay living in their own homes.

How it Works

Once you have signed up for Nottingham on Call service, a team member will visit your to install a personal care alarm. This comes with a base unit which is installed in the home using a phone line. This unit responds to the button on a pendant, which you can wear around the neck.

Once connected to the call centre, a team member from Nottingham on Call  will speak with you via the base unit in your home to assess the situation. They will speak to you with the aim of “triaging” you. The team has been trained to spot warning signs in people’s reactions; if they are concerned, they will notify the appropriate party, which could be a friend or family member or the emergency services.

They are proud to be able to make that difference in people’s lives and are always looking for new innovations to enhance their service and find the best technology available with better ways to deliver first-class care.

Nottingham on Call has invited you to watch the video Nottingham on Call has made demonstrating their work so that you can understand how their local response service operates.

Anthony Dixon who is head of Nottingham on Call said; “Working with Adverta has been a pleasure, they’ve enabled us to utilise the power of the Nottingham bus network to create more brand awareness for Nottingham on Call’s service, enabling more people to feel safe and secure in their own homes and on the go.”

If you would like to know more about Nottingham On Call services, products, and equipment or simply find out about job opportunities then please give them a call on 0115746 9010 or email them on

Nottingham on Call will be available over the festive season and they highly recommend that you follow their latest news for opening times.

Adverta is so pleased with this essential bus advertising campaign and says a big ‘thank you’ as always to everyone involved.

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