Everything you need to know about bus advertising!

The rise of tech giants like Facebook, Netflix, and Google has made it difficult to capture consumers’ attention in the information era.

Despite being giants of online advertising, these companies have resorted to using out-of-home (OOH) advertising for their new product launches. This is because outdoor advertising, which includes roadside, airport, and transport media, is one of the oldest and most effective forms of advertising.

PwC predicts that OOH advertising will overtake both newspaper and consumer magazine advertising by 2025, with an estimated spend of £12.1 billion.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking at bus advertising for your business:

Does bus advertising work?

One of the most impactful forms of OOH media is transport advertising, which reaches up to 83% of commuters on weekdays and 69% on weekends. Bus ads can’t be turned off, reach a variety of audience, and deliver clear messaging. Where there are buses, there are people! They certainly the most visible advertising platform in the urban environment, and almost impossible to miss in towns and cities across the UK. Plus, most people recall a great bus ad they’ve seen, very few can tell you of a memorable google ad, newspaper or radio ad.

How much does bus advertising cost?

Costs vary from £20 per week to £90.

The cost depends on location, number of busses your campaign covers, and the type of bus ad you use.

What types of bus advertising are there?

There are 12 standard bus advertising formats, below are a few examples but you can see the full range at https://adverta.co.uk/bus-products/

This is the ultimate advertising solution for buses – a formidable advertisement. A full bus wrap ensures that your advertisement is constantly in motion and attracts attention, making it an irresistible way to promote your business or event. The wrap gives a visual sense of ownership of the bus, enabling advertisers to unleash their creativity and make a strong impact on the street.

Super Edge advertising panels are 17-foot posters displayed on the side of double decker buses. They offer maximum visibility to potential audiences as they are positioned on the offside of the bus. These 17-foot banners make a bold impact and serve as a constant reminder, especially near retail or entertainment areas. Reach your target audience effectively, even amidst the bustling street scene.

Twinliners are vinyl sections that cover the solid parts of a bus, both above and below the windows. They can be positioned on either the nearside or offside of the vehicle and offer a cost-effective solution for large format advertising. This panel type is an effective way to reach consumers at point of sale on the high street, and prices start at £35 per week plus VAT.

Hop on board: Let’s plan your bus journey together!

Bus advertising remains a powerful tool due to its broad audience reach, its capability to connect with viewers , with numerous interior and exterior display options that cater to more than just the daily commuter.

Get in touch with if you have any queries about bus advertising or pricing. We’ll be glad to discuss the potential outcomes for your brand or business and help you determine if bus advertising is a good fit for you