Bus Advertising Results

Bus Advertising Results for The Cheesecake Shop, Nottingham

Have you ever wondered just how effective an advertising campaign with us could be? In this blog post, ‘Bus Advertising Results’, we include a testimonial from The Cheesecake Shop in Nottingham, so you don’t have to simply take our word for it. We also take a look at some bus advertising statistics, showing how effective a campaign with us could be for you and your business or event.

A Bit About Us

Here at Adverta, we deal with various independent bus companies up and down the country, ranging from Trusty Bus in Essex and Centrebus in Luton, right up to Stanley Travel in Durham. Buses are on the road between 10 and 18 hours a day, up to seven days a week. Now that’s a lot of exposure! Advertising campaigns can be booked for a duration of four weeks, right up to 24 months and you have total control over the fully-inclusive design service that you get as part of the package.

We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we offer. You will have a dedicated Account Manager out in your area as well as a dedicated Campaign Delivery Manager based here at Head Office, working on your campaign from start to finish. With constant contact between the order being placed and the bus adverts being live, we are always available for any questions you may have.

With over half the population having seen bus advertising in the last week*, we fervently believe that bus advertising is a strong addition to your marketing portfolio, be on its own or as part of a focused marketing strategy.

Bus Advertising Results

We constantly hear from our clients how well their advertising campaigns are working for them. With 60% of our sales coming from existing, happy customers, we feel this is a true testament to the power of bus advertising, coupled with our approach to customer service.

Latest Testimonial

Jake Dignam, Managing Director of The Cheesecake Shop in Nottingham, placed an order for three T-side bus adverts at Nottingham City Transport with us, as well as two bus Supersquare panels. Each bus was specifically set to go on a different route to maximise coverage and it turns out this has definitely had the desired effect! Only four months into their two-year contract, and we’ve had this testimonial through;

“As you know, we undertook our first campaign in some time with you recently and you asked us to let you know what feedback we have had.

I’m delighted to say it has passed all of our expectations, with a huge volume of new customers telling us they have visited and bought from us due to seeing the ads and many existing customers say they have seen them too.

We cannot put an exact value on what it is given us, but we can safely say it has been a very worthwhile investment and are happy that it has brought us far more than we expected.

This is, in part, due to the excellent advice you gave us in terms of the best routes for our store locations.

We would highly recommend this form of advertising to anyone considering it.

Thank you for all your help.”


Bus Statistics: Key Advertising Information

  • Over half the adult population has seen advertising on the side of a bus in the last week and 90% of people live within five minutes of a bus route (Source: TGI)
  • UK adults spend 70% of their time out-of-home (Source: TGI)
  • 86% of consumers can spontaneously talk in detail about a specific bus advert and over half of those consumers talked about an advert seen in the last three days (Source: Road to Enlightenment: QMedia)
  • Bus advertising is the most seen outdoor advertising medium, with 61% of consumers saying they had seen bus adverts in the last seven days (Source: TGI)
  • 35% of 25 to 34-year-olds have seen advertising either inside or outside a bus in the last week (Source: TGI)
  • 29% of all adults use the bus for at least one hour a week and the average bus journey lasts 30 minutes (Source: TGI)
  • 79% of consumers across Britain prefer buses with ads (Source: Road to Enlightenment: QMedia)
  • 74% of people in the regions agree that buses are an important part of the community, giving businesses who advertise on buses a positive relationship with the local population (Source: Road to Enlightenment: QMedia)



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