Birmingham Bus Advertising – Best Photo of August

Birmingham Bus Advertising

This month’s winning action shot goes to London’s School of Science and Technology. This photo was taken by our West Midlands Regional Account Manager, Jade Orton, and features a Super Rear panel on the Claribels bus fleet from part of their recent Luton and Birmingham bus advertising campaign.

The London School of Science and Technology (LSST), with campuses in Luton and Birmingham, strives to help individuals reach their potential in learning. This is regardless of their backgrounds, abilities, and aspirations by providing both academic and professional qualifications at all levels of the national curriculum. 

LSST offers higher education in a new concept that is designed to suit people’s busy lives. They understand that people may struggle to find time for a demanding study structure, instead offering a flexible timetable of either morning or afternoon classes; allowing people to fit study around their other commitments.

LSST aims to help all students leave with the knowledge and skills they require for their chosen profession. To help achieve this, LSST courses are taught by both academics and practicing professionals, helping the students to gain the broadest spectrum of subject matter possible. For information on how to apply click here.


Luton & Birmingham Bus Advertising Campaign

London School of Science and Technology opted to advertise on buses across Luton and Birmingham to increase their presence in the surrounding areas. They chose to take 40 Super Rears and 80 Headliners to target both pedestrian and motorist audiences alike.

Super Rears offer the largest geographical footprint and are positioned directly in the motorist’s eye-line. These panels are great for getting valuable information across, due to their extended dwell time.

Headliners are a fantastic panel to gain passenger interaction as they allow advertisers to communicate large amounts of information. Headliners are seen by a broad spectrum of passengers of all ages and backgrounds, allowing LSST to target as many potential students as possible.

Are you one of those potential students? Click here to find out if a LSST course is for you.


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