Bus Advertising in Stoke-on-Trent

Congratulations to Arlington Funeral Services for winning Campaign of the Month for their bus advertising in Stoke-on-Trent. Arlington Funeral Services is an independent, family funeral directors. They offer a personal but professional service to help clients through what can be a very traumatic period.  They have chosen to promote their business with one of our Mega Rear bus adverts.  Arlington Funeral Services are new to the Adverta family so we would like to publicly welcome them on board!

Arlington Funeral Services offer a number of services to help with the funeral process as they understand it is a very difficult time. They provide any support their clients may need up to and including the day of the funeral service. Often people are unsure about what to do following a bereavement and so the company guides their clients through the process of saying goodbye to their loved ones.  They also write their own blog which may make a good read for some of you dealing with the loss of a loved one and seeking advice.

Their Bus Advertising in Stoke-on-Trent

The advert chosen to promote the funeral services has been running since mid-March on a 12-month basis. The bus advert is running on route Yellow 9 up to 80% of the time in Stoke-on-Trent. This means they have cleverly covered their entire target area all in one advert.

You can also find out more information regarding the bus route on the D&G Potteries Bus website.

When our Account Manager, Patrick, went in for his first appointment with Arlington Funeral Services, they were keen to get across the caring aspect of their business and location on the bus advert, along with the fact they are a family-run business.   They wanted to use their brand colours of purple and gold whilst keeping the advert clean and simple. They chose minimal text but wanted to crucially include their contact details and website. We feel this design turned into a real statement advert; it’s clear, simple but effective and easy to read and we’re sure that it will generate maximum exposure in the chosen local area.


Why Mega Rear Bus Advertising?


  • Mega Rear bus adverts are proven to be one of the most effective methods of outdoor advertising
  • Commonly referred to as the second shop window on the street, Mega Rears are portrait-sized and make a bold statement
  • They benefit from an extended dwell time in traffic thus enabling the audience to make a mental note of key information.


Reasons to Consider Bus Advertising for Your Business

  • Long life vinyl is used, meaning campaigns can be run for a longer duration of up to two years, ensuring a constant presence
  • Buses are on the road between 10 and 18 hours a day, up to seven days a week
  • Buses can give you a blanket of coverage in your primary area
  • Buses speak to shoppers, workers, and students, as well as other motorists
  • Buses are visually unavoidable

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