Bus Advertising in Nottingham

Bus advertising in Nottingham

Congratulations to our Sales Manager, Tina, for taking the winning Action Shot of the Month! This T-Side bus advertising campaign in Nottingham for Ice Kingz went live on Nottingham City Transport from the middle of March 2019 and will be seen on the streets of the city for another year. This huge 24ft long poster is impossible to visually lose within the crowds of the city centres; sitting above eye level and so giving maximum exposure.

Ice Kingz cleverly chose a route which will cover their target audience, with the photograph being taken on Maid Marian Way, within Nottingham City Centre. This forms part of the Turquoise 78/79 bus route, also covering Nottingham’s Victoria Centre, Nuthall Road, Strelley and Flamsteed Road.

This bus advert design is high-impact! Using colourful text on a black background, the products available are easy to read at a glance. Pictures of some of the desserts are shown in the impressive 6ft drop-section of the T-side; visually effective and drawing attention.

So, if you have a sweet tooth or know someone who does, then you can find Ice Kingz located on Beaconsfield Street in Nottingham City Centre. You can keep up to date with Ice Kingz on Facebook & Instagram where they advertise all their latest treats and general news. In addition, you can also check out their website where you can find their latest menus, offers and the option to order everything online for delivery.

Why Bus Advertising in Nottingham?

A range of business types use bus advertising. Whether you are a small business with one member of staff or a large council, we tailor-make packages to suit you, your business needs and, most importantly, your budget.

Buses enable you to drive your target audience towards your business. With the size and mobility of bus adverts, your message can reach hundreds of potential customers on a daily basis.

Buses travel in the city centre as well as the outskirts and in Nottingham you can choose your route! This allows you to tailor your campaign to the audience you want to target. 

We have decades of experience doing what we do and our testimonials prove that bus advertising really does work!


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