9 Objections to Outdoor Advertising… Proved Wrong!

9 Objections to Outdoor Advertising Proved Wrong

The world of advertising has expanded by a huge degree in recent years. Social media, websites, and a host of other platforms make it possible to share your business around the web, and this is often viewed as the best way to get the word out about a company. Of course, though, there is a huge amount of competition in this space.

Since the dawn of the Digital Age, outdoor advertising has had competition. Many companies have objections to outdoor marketing, despite the fact that it can still be highly successful, especially as it can run alongside digital advertising. We’re going to be dashing these objections, exploring them, and giving you an idea of why they are so wrong.

“My business is new”

Being a new business can put you in a tricky position and many people are unsure about how they should market themselves when they are starting out. Outdoor advertising can provide a great chance to spread the word in your local area about your business. This is excellent for both physical and digital companies, as both can benefit from local awareness.

“My business is established”

Established businesses will often want to spend as little on marketing as possible, but this can be hard to achieve with the pay-per-click services found around the web. Outdoor advertising doesn’t cost more for each person seeing it, instead being charged at a monthly or yearly rate. This can make outdoor marketing far more cost-effective than throwing money into Facebook and Google adverts.

“It’s too expensive”

People often assume that a service like outdoor advertising will be more expensive than other marketing methods available. Our prices start from as little as £30 per week and we work hard to tailor your package to meet the budget and requirements of your business. We are keen to make our products affordable to as many people as we can.

“No one knows where we are based”

Businesses with awkward locations will often worry that outdoor marketing won’t be good for them, simply because people won’t be able to find them. In reality, though, this type of advertising can solve this problem for you, putting your business on the map and giving your customers a direct route to your doors.

“We’re an online shop”

Standing out is crucial as an online store and not many businesses like this are willing to try outdoor marketing. Taking on a bus advert can open the doors to more customers visiting your store, with your web address forming a key element of the content we will show to your potential customers.

“It’s not measurable”

Modern advertising systems make it incredibly easy to measure the success of your marketing through analytics. A lot of people worry that outdoor advertising won’t offer this benefit, though this can easily be solved by adding a discount code or promotion to your bus adverts. Anyone who uses the discount will have come because they saw the advert.

“We already advertise elsewhere”

Having adverts in more than one place is never a bad idea. This will increase the chances of people seeing your adverts and buses are one of the best places for this. Hundreds of people will use a single bus each day, giving you huge amounts of exposure using a method like this.

“We want to pull people in from further afield”

Buses tend to go across a whole city or town while on their routes, enabling you to spread your adverts to many different places without having to pay for more than one location. In a lot of cases, the buses that your adverts are on will be going to different locations each day, meaning that you will have a great opportunity to reach out to a variety of places.

“We already advertise on social media”

Focusing all of your energy onto one type of marketing can often be a mistake. This will mean that you are missing a huge demographic and buses are an ideal way to avoid this error. You can tie your social media advertising campaign to your outdoor marketing, making a cohesive set of content pieces that are designed to draw customers in and use a repeat message.

There are a lot of different types of marketing available in the modern world and a lot of businesses barely scratch the surface when it comes to the options they have. Using buses can be a great way to reach out to more people and many of the problems that people worry about with outdoor marketing simply don’t exist.