Best Advertising in Derbyshire for Il Lupo Italian Restaurant

Best Advertising in Derbyshire

For the best advertising in Derbyshire, look no further! Our most recent Campaign of the Month Winner, Il Lupo was chosen by our team as having the best campaign during January.

Il Lupo is a family-run restaurant located in Baslow, Derbyshire. With over 40-years of experience in the hospitality industry, both in the UK and Italy, they have been serving the best authentic Italian cuisine in the Peak District since 1995. The restaurant has built up a loyal customer base who continue to visit them to enjoy the delicious food and warm hospitality. Il Lupo say their main goal is to make each visit a memorable one! This is reflect by the fact they are currently in the top three restaurants in Baslow, with a fantastic 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor.

With an outdoor seating area, free off-street parking, being wheelchair accessible and consisting of a full bar, they also cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diners. It’s obvious why the restaurant is so popular! It is also close to Chatsworth House so why not book in and round off the end to a perfect weekend.

Follow them on Facebook for any upcoming events and general information about the restaurant.

Best Advertising in Derbyshire – Here’s Why

Il Lupo took out five Super Rear bus advertisements on the Hulleys of Baslow bus fleet. These bus adverts have been running since the beginning of February on a 12-week basis. This means the restaurant had adverts visible in their local area in the run-up to not only Valentine’s Day, but carried forward into the lead up to Mother’s Day and Easter. Three key times for a restaurant, all covered by one advertising campaign!

The restaurant opted for five adverts to obtain maximum exposure and frequency within their local area. The bus adverts were assigned to random bus routes, meaning cleverly covering the whole of their target audience. The bus adverts in Derbyshire can be seen in key areas such as Bakewell, Baslow, Buxton,Chesterfield and Matlock, to name but a few.

Super Rears deliver a large vehicular audience, with extended dwell time enabling website, address or telephone details to be noticed.

When our Account Manager, Patrick, went for his first appointment with Il Lupo, they were keen to get across that they are a traditional Italian restaurant. In addition, they also wanted to promote their location, opening times and website. Our in-house design team worked closely with Patrick to create a clear and effective bus advertisement. We think this final design is bold and eye-catching.

A great way of measuring the success of any advertising campaign is to add some type of discount code to the design. With the campaign designed for Il Lupo, you can benefit from 10% off your main meal when quoting ‘Bus 10‘ at the restaurant. 

Why You Should Advertise on Buses in Derbyshire

We live in a digitally-driven world. However, bus and tram ads have a number of unique advantages especially for those in the food service industry;

  • Outdoor adverts cannot be minimised, closed or ignored
  • They reach an audience that is as broad and diverse as your customers
  • Their reach is exclusively local, just like yours
  • They’re attention-grabbing and eye-catching
  • They put your food in front of the eyes of thousands of hungry commuters

If you want to find out more about affordable, bespoke bus advertising packages, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.