Bus Ads in Birmingham: Tatlow Carpets Steal the Show!

December’s winner for Campaign of the Month was Tatlow Carpets with their bus advertising in Birmingham.

Tatlow Carpets is an established family business which was created over 40 years ago and is currently being run by the founder’s daughter who is carrying on the family tradition; offering a wide range of carpets and flooring whether it is for your home or a business.

They have a local store based in Lichfield, Staffordshire and pride themselves on being a business you can trust to make your home or office a better and more comfortable place to spend time in. As well as being a trustworthy business, they offer great value and personal advice to cater to all customers’ needs. They work hard to offer the best service possible to ensure their satisfied customers return again and again.

The Bus Advertising Campaign

Keen to promote their wide range of carpets and flooring throughout the surrounding areas of Lichfield, Tatlow initially came on board with us back in December 2016. They took out their first Single Deck Mega Rear bus advert on a 12-month basis on Central Buses. Fast forward 10 months and we were delighted to hear the advert was working so well for them that they placed their renewal order! This is the advert that won them Campaign of the Month for December.

Only three days after signing to renew their initial bus advert, Tatlow Carpets took the plunge and signed for a second bus advert to run in the Sutton Coldfield area of the West Midlands for 24 months. This longer duration is ideal to reach potential customers all over the area for a prolonged time, resulting in a repeated message seen time and time again. 

Expanding Their Advertising Portfolio

With a third bus added to their advertising portfolio just this month, buses two and three feature different images from the initial bus advert, although the company branding remains constant. This has cleverly created extra brand awareness around the West Midlands, showcasing different types of product. 


Why Advertise on the Back of a Bus?


  • Single Deck Mega Rears are one of our most popular panel types, as you can showcase your brand on the whole back of the bus
  • Mega Rears are unavoidable ‘road-block’ advertising, targeting drivers and pedestrians alike
  • Commonly referred to as ‘the second shop window on the street’, Mega Rears are portrait sized and make a bold statement
  • As well as a stunning visual, Mega Rears have extended dwell time
  • They are available on both single and double decks
  • Long-life vinyl is used,  meaning campaigns can be run for longer durations of up to a year, ensuring a constant presence


Key Bus Advertising Statistics

  • 29% of all adults use the bus for at least one hour a week and the average bus journey lasts 30 minutes (Source:TGI)
  • 79% of consumers across Britain prefer buses with ads (Source: Road to Enlightenment: QMedia)
  • 74% of people in the regions agree that buses are an important part of the community, giving businesses who advertise on buses a positive relationship with the local population (Source: Road to Enlightenment: QMedia)

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