Joint ‘Best Bus Advertising Campaigns’ of 2017!

At the end of each year, we look back at all the tram and bus advertising campaigns we have fixed throughout the last 12 months and we choose the one which most stood out to all our staff. The 2017 staff nominations set the bar so high that we ended up picking not one, but two overall winners with their standout campaigns!

Read on to hear about the advertising campaigns for My Furniture in Nottingham and Tippers in Birmingham.

My Furniture – Nottingham Bus Advertising

The first of our two winners of Campaign of the Year 2017 was My Furniture with their bus advertising campaign in Nottingham.

My Furniture is a luxury yet affordable home furniture company who provide high quality, unique products coupled with outstanding customer service. They have a personal approach to each individual customer that visits their store, no matter their budget or need. My Furniture feels this really makes them stand out from their competitors.

Founded in 2009, My Furniture has a showroom in Sandiacre with a team of staff who are always willing to help, whether you are buying for your house or you’re a tradesperson buying a fleet of products; they can cater to any requirement. They even have their own upholstery team based in Long Eaton! Long Eaton is known as the epicentre of upholstering throughout the whole of the UK which is another reason why they feel they stand out from other companies within their industry.

My Furniture first started advertising with Adverta in October 2016. Eager to promote their modern products around Nottingham, they firstly opted for two Double Deck and three Single Deck Mega Rear bus adverts, each on a 12-month basis. Every advert was put on a different dedicated route around Nottingham in order to expose their business as much as possible whilst targetting particular areas.

Following these five successful bus adverts, eight months later saw two more Double Deck adverts added to their expanding portfolio. Again these were booked to run for 12-months. 

Clearly impressed with the impact of their first five original adverts, they renewed these campaigns for another 24 months rather than 12. They also added one more Double Deck Mega Rear on another different route; they are taking over Nottingham! Since then they have also signed for ANOTHER four Single Deck and four Double Deck Mega Rear bus adverts in Nottingham. If this doesn’t prove that bus advertising works then we don’t know what does!

In order to showcase different pieces of furniture from their range, each bus carries an image of a different item, along with the product name and price. This clever marketing tool allows customers to search for the specific item name on My Furniture’s website.

These contemporary, simple and clear adverts have been popular with our staff and the public in Nottingham; everywhere you go, you can’t miss one!

Tippers – West Midlands Bus Advertising

Our second winner for Campaign of the Year 2017 was Tippers with their bus advert campaign in Birmingham.

Tippers are a family-run business which has been supplying the Midlands with building supplies for over 100 years. They opened their first branch in 1916 and since then have opened another 11 branches! They offer a range of products from insulation to plumbing supplies of the highest quality, but with a competitive price – for both trade and DIY customers. They pride themselves on this quality and competitive pricing, along with their incredible customer service from their experienced sales team.

Tippers have been on board with Adverta since July 2017. Keen to promote their affordable products, they opted for one Single Deck Mega Rear for a 24-month period. Their bus carries a modern design that will stand out with its clear and vivid imagery. This allows onlookers to easily see what Tippers have to offer straight away.

Mega Rear Bus Adverts

Mega Rear bus adverts are sometimes referred to as a ‘second shop window’ as they visually block the road. With their stunning visual and extended dwell time for onlookers, it is great exposure for any business.

Long-life vinyl is used which facilitates longer campaign durations of up to two years.


Bus Advertising – Key Statistics

  • Out of Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week (Source: Route)
  • UK adults spend 70% of their time out-of-home (Source: TGI)
  • 83% of people recall seeing Out of Home advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping (Source: Outsmart, Window of Influence, 2011)



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