Amantia – Bus Adverts in Birmingham

The stylish bus adverts in Birmingham which we can offer your businesses are portrayed perfectly by this photo of Amantia. Internally voted as the best photo taken in December by our staff, it showcases the excellent visual that a Twinliner bus advert can have. While you’re out doing some shopping, an advert like this will definitely make those sore feet worth it!

Composed of a bold visual, the information and detail of this advert are clearly visible to pedestrians strolling down the street. Pedestrians and motorists alike will have plenty of time to take in the information displayed; it isn’t one you can miss.

Amantia is a tapas restaurant based in Birmingham who specialise in Spanish food. They have many years of experience and host live Flamenco shows once a month, creating an unforgettable experience for each diner. Next time you are in Birmingham, be sure to give them a visit!

Amantia first started their advertising campaign with us in July 2017, where they chose this Twinliner bus advertisement. With the campaign running for 12 months, Amantia chose to cover various areas across Birmingham including Sutton Coldfield, Aston University and Birmingham City University, in order to get maximum exposure. Having such a bold advertisement crossed with this 12-month duration, this will do wonders for Amantia!

Twinliner bus adverts in Birmingham and other regions are an excellent way to reach consumers on the high street, which Jade, one of our Account Managers, has demonstrated here perfectly with this photograph.

Twinliner adverts do double the work of a normal advert as they have two visible banners for everyone to see; one at the top of the bus and one below the window; simply unmissable!


Are You Interested in Twinliner Bus Adverts in Birmingham?

  • Twinliners are 3m wide sections of vinyl covering the solid parts of the bus, so below and above the window
  • Twinliners can be positioned, according to the vehicle,  nearside or offside
  • They are a cost-effective way of achieving large format sites and all the benefits this gives
  • This panel type is an excellent way of reaching consumers at point of sale on the high street


Take a look at our 8-page West Midlands route map here


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