Advertising in a City Centre

Advertising in a City Centre

Winner of Action Shot of the Month for September was chosen by us as Grand Designs Live. Our Sales & Commercial Director, Mike, took this brilliant photograph. Mike really is on a roll with the camera – excuse the pun! He took the picture in Nottingham City Centre on a busy day along Mansfield Road. In addition, this picture really speaks words; you can clearly see the amount of coverage this bus advertisement is receiving from both the pedestrian and vehicular points of view. Advertising in a city centre is highly beneficial as it engages new and existing audiences and helps to build brand awareness. 

Their campaigns went live from the 16th September for four weeks on Nottingham City Transport buses in Nottingham and Johnsons of Henley buses who cover the West Midlands. Grand Designs Live chose to publicise their campaign with 30 Super Rear bus adverts on Nottingham City Transport and 10 Streetliner adverts on Johnsons of Henley. As a matter of fact, Grand Designs Live previously ran two bus campaigns with us back in 2018. They received such brilliant success from their past campaigns with Adverta that it only seemed right for them to advertise their event on buses again to the public.

The bus advertising campaign was for their live tour in Birmingham, which took place at the beginning of October between 9th to 13th. As a team, we are positive that this campaign gained maximum exposure within Nottingham City Centre and surrounding areas. For future event information follow the link:

Why Choose Bus Advertising in a City Centre?

Bus advertising in a city centre gives you the opportunity to drive new customers towards your business or event. This is done by interacting with your target audience on a vehicular and pedestrian point of view. Our experienced team of dedicated professionals has helped thousands of businesses with their transport advertising needs.

We strive to provide affordable and diverse bespoke advertising campaigns for both local and national customers. We pride ourselves on being a well-established, reputable, transport advertising company.

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