The Best Way to Advertise a College

Our October Action Shot of the Month, chosen by the Adverta team, was awarded to Nottingham College! Who took this photo, you ask? Well of course it was our Sales and Commercial Director, Mike. Taken just outside of Theatre Royal Nottingham in the heart of Nottingham city centre, we are confident enough to say this is probably one of the best ways to advertise a college in a city centre.The action shot shows the coverage this advert will receive from both pedestrian and vehicular points of view. 

The photographed bus advert for Nottingham College is being displayed around the city on Nottingham City Transport buses. Furthermore, this Super Edge bus advertisement for Nottingham College is travelling on Brown Line 17 bus route. Nottingham College have a total of 12 Super Edge bus adverts all show cased on Nottingham City Transport. In addition, they also have a further 13 Superside adverts again on the Nottingham Buses. Nottingham College are a returning customer to Adverta. This is because they believe bus adverting is one of the best ways to advertise a college.

Nottingham College is one of the largest further education and higher education colleges in the United Kingdom. Promoting the college in and around the city centre will cleverly cover all of their target audience.  


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