Advertising a Retail Business

Congratulations to Baby Planet (UK) Ltd for winning August’s Campaign of the Month! If you are looking at effectively advertising your retail business locally then this is the blog for you! 

Baby Planet (UK) Ltd are a family-run business. The independent retailer was established in 2002 and has a total of four stores spread across the West Midlands. 

Because their main headquarters is based in Leicester, it only seemed fitting to have their outdoor advertising campaigns showcased on the Centrebus Leicester bus fleet. Choosing five Single Deck Mega Rear bus adverts to maximise their exposure, each carries a unique design while maintaining brand consistency. 

Mega Rear bus adverts make a bold statement and are stunningly visual to motorists and pedestrians alike. The retailer’s bus campaigns have been running since the beginning of August on a 24-month contract. All five campaigns are on random routed buses, covering crucial geographical areas. 

Advertising Their Retail Business on Buses

When our Account Manager Amy, had her initial appointment with Baby Planet (UK) Ltd, they were keen to get across the various key brands they supply within their stores. They also wanted the company website and contact number to stand out and catch the public’s eye. Our graphic designers incorporated the required details into all five designs and we think the results are clean and fresh looking.

Each store offers a vast range of products from many of the leading children’s brands. Baby Planet (UK) Ltd take pride in being parents themselves, so they understand the challenges and costs that come with growing a family. They have taken this into consideration and try to make the shopping experience for their customers hassle-free by stocking top quality products at the best possible prices.

Zaheer Sattar, Director of Baby Planet (UK) Ltd told us: “Advertising on the buses is a great marketing opportunity, with brilliant service from Amy in sales & Becky in design. We have been able to create a wonderful campaign generating lots of interest.”

You can follow Baby Planet UK on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest for all their news and offers. 


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Advertising a retail business

Over the years, our team of dedicated professionals has helped thousands of businesses with their transport advertising needs. Advertising a retail business outdoors can give your company the opportunity to attract new attention within your local area. We LOVE what we do and take pride in offering a personal service and helping you create inspirational, visually stunning adverts which can travel around your area, or further, up to seven days a week.

We help you identify which are the best products that meet your needs, organising your bus advertising campaign from start to finish. Finally, our expert in-house design and production team as part of our fully inclusive and affordable package.


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