Warwickshire Bus Advertising by Jordans Fireworks

The winner of our Action Shot for October was chosen as Jordans Fireworks for their Warwickshire bus advertising campaign. The photo was taken by Amy, their dedicated Account Manager.

Jordans (Leamington Spa) LLP are based in Leamington Spa and started as a family business in 1968. In 2001 the company became an LLP and the business has a string of interests, including retail and property. The company operates three retail departments consisting of Jordans Foam Cushion, Jordans Sweet Shop and Jordans Fireworks.

Wanting to draw attention to the firework shop in the run-up to bonfire night, they went ahead with a four week bus advertising campaign on the Johnsons Coach & Bus Travel fleet. As it was a short-term campaign, they opted to use 15 Super Rear bus adverts to maximise their exposure in the local area by delivery high frequency advertising. Getting their shop details out to the local community over and over again with this form of advertising was vital to their Warwickshire bus advertising campaign.

Nine days and a few minor tweaks later, the initial design was signed off by David Jordan, a partner in the business, and it was ready to hit the printers. 

We received feedback from David, highly rating our overall service and saying; “Much better than previous agencies we have dealt with.” This, as always, was fantastic to hear that we had met and, hopefully, exceeded a client’s expectations. 

Why Super Rear Bus Advertising?

Super Rears, 60″ x 20″ adverts on the back of buses, deliver largely vehicular audiences. The extended dwell time these create enables the message of the advert to be taken in by the passing consumer. This is shown perfectly by this photograph of the Jordans Firework bus advert whilst in traffic. Keeping an advert design clear and simple is recommended so that the website, telephone number or other crucial details can be noted.

Why Bus Advertising for Your Business?

A range of business types use bus advertising. Whether you are a small business with one member of staff or a large council, we tailor-make packages to suit you, your business needs and, most importantly, your budget.

Buses enable you to drive your target audience towards your business and with the size and mobility of bus adverts, your message can reach hundreds of potential customers on a daily basis. 

We have decades of experience doing what we do and our testimonials prove that bus advertising really does work!