Vape Shop Advertising: Let Buses Drive Your Business!

We often get told that e-cigarette and vape shops struggle to advertise due to the nature of their business and the related vape shop advertising restrictions. Eager to dispel any confusion on this, we’ve dedicated our Campaign of the Month blog post to our winner for October, Juice-E Vaporium. We cover the surrounding topic of vape shop advertising, with proof that we can help you via bus advertising in your local area.

Appeal to pedestrians, motorists, and shoppers with an eye-catching creative on the outside of a bus travelling the local roads. Low cost, high impact!

If you’re interested in advertising guidelines for vape shops, continue reading…

Vape Shop Advertising for Juice-E Vaporium

Our Account Manager for Leicester, Mel, got in touch with Juice-E Vaporium back in August this year and had a meeting with Kam and Debbie, the owners. Keen to advertise their business for Stoptober, Mel followed up their meeting by sending some deals tailored to their budget and marketing goals. Fast forward two weeks and the decision had been made to place an order for a Mega Rear bus advert to start in the first week of October and to run for six months. Cleverly thought out, this duration will cover not only the month of ‘Stoptober’, but also Christmas and the season of New Year Resolutions! 

Juice-E Vaporium has two shops; one in Melton Mowbray and the other in Grantham. Mel suggested to Kam and Debbie that a random-routed bus running between Grantham and Melton Mowbray would be ideal. This gets the shop branding out to potential clients for both shops with one moving billboard advert; the whole rear of a bus. 

Vape shops can be seen as a bit daunting to someone new to the idea, but Juice-E Vaporium promotes giving reliable and friendly advice, whilst allowing customers to try and of their 80 flavours in a variety of strengths. They also offer a set-up service to get you going with your new equipment.

Advertising Guidelines for Vape Shops

Whilst this sector is not allowed to advertise on the internet (including social media platforms), on-demand TV, email or in newspapers & magazines (with the exception of trade press), they ARE allowed to advertise their business on buses according to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority Ltd). To read the full advertising guidance from the ASA, please click here.

Eye-Tracking Study Results

An eye-tracking study of visibility hit rates in UK environments has been carried out by the School of Psychology, Birkbeck College. This gives a fascinating insight into bus advertising and proves why it works so well. The study involved showing participants photographs of scenes containing one or more poster panels. Their eye-movements were then tracked and recorded.


Vape shop advertising
Bus rear panel (driver) – the observer trapped behind the single deck bus gazes left and right but mostly at the rear of the bus, including its poster panel
Vape shop advertising
Bus T-side (pedestrian) – the observer facing a crossing fixates the T-side panel on the bus passing directly ahead
















“Out of Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week” as quoted from Route Research Ltd. They also have some stats on bus advertising, showing the total individuals expected to see a campaign;

Vape shop advertising



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