Unavoidable Outdoor Advertising

Our November Action Shot winner was Miller East Homes! The photo was taken by our Sales and Commercial Director, Mike, in Nottingham Coach Station. This photo proves how unavoidable outdoor advertising is, providing high impact advertising on a regular basis.  

Miller East Homes has built thousands of new homes over the last 80 years. By doing so, they have created communities for families to grow and thrive. Miller East Homes are also in partnership with the Governments ‘Help to Buy’ equity loan scheme. This helps buyers to own a new build home, with buyers able to own a home with as little as a 5% deposit. If you wish to find out more about their ‘Help To Buy’ scheme you can visit the developments  website.

Unavoidable Advertising Campaigns

This Streetliner campaign went live from the beginning of October on an eight-week contract. Miller East Homes signed up for a total of six Streetliner bus advertisements all showcased on Centrebus Grantham. It is clear to see from the photograph taken that this bus advertisement is generating a vast amount of exposure within the bus station. In addition, it will also receive a high volume of attention from motorists when out on the road. Miller East Homes previously ran a bus advertising campaign with us in July 2019. Due to the high success of their past campaign, they then signed up with us again in October. This particular bus advertisement was to promote their new development, Meadows View, in Bottesford Nottingham.

You can see for yourself just of unavoidable outdoor advertising really is. We are sure that these bus adverts will generate a great amount of exposure within the local target audience; repeating the success of their last outdoor advertising campaign.


  • Streetliners are 10ft or 13ft long posters which are available on single deck buses and can be bought in a mixture of sizes
  • As there are far more single deck buses than double decks, Streetliners generally deliver broader coverage
  • Streetliners deliver the message at eye-level for motorists and passengers alike making them unavoidable when out on the road  
  • Streetliners offer a good balance of vehicular and pedestrian audience

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