Three top benefits of outdoor advertising


While integrated marketing strategies have tended to move away from print advertising and into online strategies over the past decade, one part of the marketing mix that has remained resolute is outdoor advertising. If your business is based in an urban area, there is no better way to target the population where your potential customer-base lies.

Be it on foot, bicycle or car, we take to the streets every day and much of our time is spent with our brain relatively unoccupied, especially when we are stuck in traffic – a study ( found that 68% of drivers frequently or sometimes make their shopping decisions while in the car. For this reason, outdoor campaigns, including tram and bus advertising, have maintained their relevance in the modern era.

Here are our three top benefits of outdoor advertising:


1.The truest form of public advertising

No other form of marketing puts your brand as firmly in the public domain as outdoor advertising, with no discrimination in relation to demographics. Because of the ‘over targeting’ that we have seen due to the media segmentation that has occurred over the past few years, many other forms of advertising miss out on the opportunity to target the widest possible audience.

2. It is unintrusive

We live in a media-led world in which advertising is thrust upon us from every angle; when we turn on the radio, watch a video on YouTube, or flick through the newspaper. Internet users even install ad blockers to make their time at the computer palatable. For this reason, the unintrusive nature of outdoor advertising can make for a marketing form which is welcomed rather than ignored, as it has not ‘got in the way’ of the viewer’s activity.

3. Size matters

A full-length bus advertisement is truly a sight to behold, especially when you look at some of the radical, eye-catching and unforgettable designs that have been produced over the years. The sheer size and impressive nature of a large outdoor advert has the ability to literally stop traffic and, crucially, leave itself in the memory of the viewer.