Our Bi-Annual Charity Winner: LOROS

Charity advertising LOROS Leicestershire

Adverta’s bi-annual charity draw has been won by the very deserving LOROS. They are a charity who provide compassionate care to those suffering from a terminal illness, as well as support for their families and carers in the Leicestershire and Rutland area.

LOROS believe that everyone with an incurable illness has the right to excellent care. They tailor-make their care plans to suit the wishes of the individual patient, enabling them to complete their lives with dignity as well as offering compassionate support to their loved ones.

Committed to research in order to provide an ever-improving practice of palliative care, they also work closely with higher and further education providers. This helps supply education and training to over 1,000 health and social care professionals every year. It is this commitment that has resulted in LOROS having 300 staff members and over 1,000 volunteers who are all dedicated to giving exceptional care.

In order for this charity to continue their valuable work, they need to raise at least £4.5 million each year. If you wish to offer your support, click here to donate or find out how you can volunteer.


The Charity Advert

LOROS opted to have a bus Super Rear and ten Headliner bus adverts in order to promote the LOROS Lottery, which is celebrating 20 years this year. Both of these advert types offer extended dwelling time, allowing any important information to be noted down.

Super Rear adverts offer a large geographical footprint and mainly target vehicular audiences while Headliners, an internal bus advert, offer the opportunity for interaction with a very broad passenger audience.

If you know a charity that would like a chance to win a free bus advertising campaign worth up to £1,000, nominate them here.


Why Choose Bus Advertising?

Bus advertising is an amazing opportunity to build awareness of your company, no matter how big or small. It is an opportunity to drive your target audience to your business, event or website through frequent interaction with your target audience. Over half of the population are bus users, with nearly one in three using buses at least weekly.

Over half of the population are bus users, with nearly one in three using buses at least weekly.