" UK adults spend 70% of their time out-of-home" ~ TGI

We receive great feedback from our clients on the cost-effective and tailored service we offer. Here are a few examples;


Jake Dignam of The Cheesecake Shop

“As you know, we undertook our first campaign in some time with you recently and you asked us to let you know what feedback we have had. I’m delighted to say it has passed all of our expectations, with a huge volume of new customers telling us they have visited and bought from us due to seeing the ads and many existing customers say they have seen them too. We cannot put an exact value on what it is given us, but we can safely say it has been a very worthwhile investment and are happy that it has brought us far more than we expected. This is, in part, due to the excellent advice you gave us in terms of best routes for our store locations.

We would highly recommend this form of advertising to anyone considering it. Thank you for all your help.”

Julie Bowley of Roko Health Club

“As you know, we have considered advertising with you for a number of years and this year we finally took the plunge and ran a campaign over Christmas and into the New Year on tram interiors and at a selected tram stop.

We are delighted that we did, as so far we have had six direct sales and seven enquiries. Of course, sometimes the team do not drill down to the exact source so we feel certain that we have had more and we have had lots of positive feedback too from staff and members alike. We would like to extend the tram stop for a further 4 weeks too please.

I’d also like to say that the whole process was made very easy by Adverta and nothing was too much trouble, so thank you for all your help. I am sure we will work together again very soon!”



Terry West of Terry West Carpets Ltd

“As a small local businessman, I thought advertising on the buses would be a good idea to re-introduce my company’s awareness to old and existing customers, as well as to new residents in the area who were not aware of my business. Although my name is known around the area, my trading address is not situated in a prominent shopping district of town, so Adverta thought it would be a great idea to put a face to the name, which we hoped would make people stop and think and remember my services.” (Read the full testimonial here)


Darcy’s Vintage and Retro Treasures

“Earlier this year I was sitting in traffic behind a bus and thought how great it would be to advertise my new business on the buses. Not two weeks later, out of the blue, an Account Manager from Adverta popped into our shop! The process was very easy and surprisingly affordable which, for a newly opened business, was a great plus. It’s a fantastic way to get ourselves known around the area. The staff at Adverta were all very helpful offering professional advice, especially with the artwork which looked amazing! I would definitely recommend other businesses to advertise with Adverta.”

Judd Whyle of Judd Whyle & Sons Ltd

“We have won some major contracts directly from a local new homes developer who told us the reason we were chosen was from seeing us on the buses, and these contracts alone were well in excess of the cost of advertising for the whole year! We are extremely pleased with our campaign and the professional way in which you and your company have handled it. We would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone thinking of bus advertising.”

Julie Whitehouse of Westerman Homes

“Thanks for calling me and talking me into doing the mega rear bus advertisement. They have been a great success. Our accounts lady even spotted one on the national news on TV and we have now all watched this on the iPlayer!”

Lesley Greaves of Lesley Greaves Estate Agents

“Advertising has helped to grow my company’s awareness and business allowing clients to see a very clear advert. I have recommended you to other companies, as I believe if the advert is designed in the right way it will without doubt increase your company’s brand and business. I still get comments from clients all the time to say they followed my bus the other day or I was stuck in traffic behind my bus. This clearly shows the awareness the advert raises.”

Danielle Lee of Lee Glass and Glazing

“We’ve had advertising with Adverta for a number of years now and are thrilled with the results it has generated. As a local, independent, Nottinghamshire business it is essential to have a strong presence within our home town, and Adverta’s bus advertising does exactly this in an effective manner, whilst also being excellent value for money. Considering the sheer amount of people who are exposed to buses on a daily basis, coupled with the regularity in which these services now run, it is easy to see why bus advertising is considered such an effective marketing medium for businesses.”

Stacey Flowers of Under Wraps Lingerie

“The whole process has been made very simple as you have taken the time to listen and advise us in a very professional way over artwork, liaising with our suppliers, routes and types of adverts, etc. We like the way that you give honest opinions and sound advice which, in turn, shows you understand our business needs and selling the most expensive advert is not your goal. We would highly recommend you and your advertising to potential future clients.”

Francesca Hickling of Fire and Ice Ltd

“Thank you for all the hard work that you did getting our bus adverts completed and up and running! We are so happy with them, I really can’t emphasise it enough; so many of our customers have come in and mentioned that they had seen us on the buses. We also see them regularly and are so happy that we went ahead with this kind of advertising – we were apprehensive at first but it was the right thing to do.”