" UK adults spend 70% of their time out-of-home" ~ TGI

We receive great feedback from our clients on the cost-effective and tailored service we offer. Here are a few examples;

Gary Holmes of Stepping Stones Day Nursery

“We have been advertising on these bus routes now for over four years. Over the years we have tried many ways to make people aware of our location and services but, due to the location of our site and the diversity of our client base, it is very difficult to target the right audience. We currently have a bus on every major route into and out of the city with the addition of the tram to catch people who do not drive into the city. During the last four years our company has grown considerably and the turnover has increased by 400%. Whenever I say that I am from Stepping Stones Day Nursery, I am always proud to hear, “Oh I know that name. We see it on the buses all the time!”

Trish Clarke of TC Cakes Goodie Box

“It was a pleasure to work with yourself, seeing my own advert on the back of a bus is just so exciting! The design is brilliant and it was so easy to get it to exactly how I’d like it. The price was very reasonable and I can’t wait to see it myself on the back of the bus. Thank you for all the help that you have given us both in making this an easy and pleasurable experience, especially when you think how some advertising companies can be. You were very easy to deal with, lovely to talk to and I would highly recommend you and your company to other businesses.”