Our Latest Testimonial from Terry West Carpets Ltd

Our latest bus advertising testimonial is courtesy of Terry West, who owns Terry West Carpets Ltd, based in Hinckley.

Terry has been a client of ours since April 2015, taking out two streetliner bus adverts on Hinckley Bus to run for 12 months and he is really pleased with the results so far!

Terry has told us; “As a small local businessman, I thought advertising on the buses would be a good idea to re-introduce my company’s awareness to old and existing customers, as well as to new residents in the area who were not aware of my business.Although my name is known around the area, my trading address is not situated in a prominent shopping district of town, so Adverta thought it would be a great idea to put a face to the name, which we hoped would make people stop and think and remember my services.

I have had a good response, even being recognised whilst sitting in the doctor’s surgery and from people sitting in their cars, whilst next to my face at the traffic lights!

Thank you to Adverta, especially Amy who was very helpful and professional. She offered great aftercare support and further ideas for future advertising.”

We are delighted that Terry has had such a great response and that the decision to put his face on the adverts is working so well for him.

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