Rise of Cycling

rise of cycling

Cycling has always been a popular form of travel throughout the U.K. It’s beneficial to your health, it helps you to avoid the clogged and crowded traffic jams that can sometimes be in the streets, and it’s more environmentally-friendly.


Recently, however, the U.K. government offered a huge push to the cycling industry. In May of 2020, the government announced a £2 billion boost to promote cycling and walking within some of the biggest areas of the U.K.

This move may have simply been a way to boost people’s spirits and moods during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, now that things are slowly starting to re-open, this plan will be put into place and will include the reallocation of road space to allow for more cyclists on the road at once.

One online retailer has seen bike sales increase by 192% since the start of lockdown


Source: https://www.cyclingweekly.com/


Why is Cycling Becoming So Popular?

The rise of cycling can be attributed to several factors. First, as stated above, there are many health benefits. It’s a great cardiovascular workout that can keep you in shape if you ride each day – even if you’re just going to and from work.

Additionally, in these times where climate change and greenhouse gases are words on everyone’s tongues, cycling is an eco-friendly mode of transportation. If more people chose to cycle to their destinations just once or twice a week, it could greatly cut down on carbon emissions in the U.K.

Now, whilst still in the COVID-19 pandemic and later, when moving into the aftermath, cycling is likely to become even more popular as people continue to practice social distancing.

Advertising to Cyclists

With that being said, public transportation certainly isn’t going anywhere. Buses are still one of the top modes of transportation throughout the U.K., and that is unlikely to change.

But, the rise of cycling can put advertisers in a new, interesting position when it comes to bus advertising. Cyclists aren’t going to “zoom” by a bus as quickly as another vehicle might. So, if you have never considered bus advertising before, now could be the perfect time.

Because of traffic, cyclists might be behind or at the side of a city bus for quite some time, giving them every opportunity to look over an eye-catching advertisement in detail. You can choose to cater your advertisements specifically to cyclists or choose something that stands out and will grab everyone’s attention.

Most people probably won’t make the connection between the rise of cycling and how it might impact advertising. But, if you’re interested in bus advertising, this cycling boost could make a big difference in how many people see your display. There has never been a time to get your business on a bus, and for people to “slow down” a bit to pay attention to it for miles.


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