PSB MROWKA Building Their Way to Success

The Construction sector plays a vital role globally. From building affordable housing, schools, colleges, offices, factories, hotels to airports in our communities to smaller projects within our households, to name a few.

Throughout the pandemic, the sector combined with engineering, construction, and building materials played a critical role in building hospitals in record time.

This sector now post-pandemic is recovering steadily, increasing trade again which is fundamental to the global economy.

Most contractors are dependent on the weather to be able to conduct their projects.

So, with Spring just around the corner, we are delighted to announce that Groupa PSB, MROWKA are the deserving Winners of our Campaign of the Month for February 2022.

PSBMrowka Nottingham first made contact with Tina Hinchley, our Sales Manager in early January this year, the client decided on a 12-month campaign for a Double-Deck Mega Rear to be advertised on Nottingham City Transport. Fast forward six weeks and their advertising campaign went live in February.

A Double-Deck Mega Rear is one of the most popular panel types as you can showcase your brand on the whole back of the bus.

Commonly referred to as “mobile billboard” Mega rears are portrait-sized and make a dramatic statement. This bus advert design is high impact using bright and bold primary colours.

PSB MROWKA were so pleased with the advert they have given us a 5-star rating with this to say “Everything was very smooth and easy. Quick turnaround. Lovely and helpful customer service. Excellent”

PSB Mrowka is a newly opened store and boast to be the first store of Polish leading group PSB in the UK supplying an array of substantial core range products sourced from Poland’s leading brands and manufacturers for landscaping, construction, and building materials, which allows them to support builders in most areas of the UK.Their expert team is knowledgeable in each sector.

They have an extensive product list from garden & outdoor materials, building hardware, kitchen & bathroom, painting & decorating, decorative stones & tools, and so much more. They also have discounts on bulk orders.

They are open Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm and Sat 10am – 4pm with a reliable delivery service.

You can find all their information on Facebook and Instagram.

Our Sales Manager, Tina had this to say “It was simple and straightforward from start to finish. PSB Msworka were a nice client to work with, they knew what they wanted, targeting key areas in Nottingham in the City. We agreed on a design process, after discussing a few options, followed by a quick turnaround. It was a pleasure dealing with Ilona Kosikowska.  It was great to receive 5-star feedback.”

All of us at Adverta are happy with the final design for this advertising campaign. We would like to congratulate our Sales Manager, Tina and Jav Haider our Senior Graphic Designer. We would also like to thank our fixing and campaign teams for all their hard work in bringing this campaign to life.

For more details about how you and your business could benefit from bus and tram advertising, please contact us.