Nottinghamshire Police Advertise Latest Recruitment Drive

Nottinghamshire Police Recruitment Advert

Nottinghamshire Police has been a client of Adverta’s for around six years now and chose to publicise their latest recruitment drive with a variety of tram stop and bus advertising.

The Force aimed to recruit from the widest pool of people, including individuals who can speak other languages, understand other cultures and lifestyles and are willing to benefit the local community. They targeted hard-to-reach communities and ran an outdoor advertising campaign for recruitment.

Nottinghamshire Police: The Advertising Campaign

The Force’s Corporate Communication’s team placed a mixed order of 20 Super Rear bus panels, 10 bus interior Bulkheads and five 6-Sheet posters for local tram stops. With the ability to choose which route the bus adverts were to go on, as well as dictate the specific tram stops to be used, the advertising campaign was carefully targeted for maximum impact.

The weather held out for a photo shoot at the Forest tram stop site, with several members of Cohort 41a (right of photo) led by their Professional Development Officer Ian Stafford. The Force told us that the campaign certainly helped as a backdrop to launch the recruitment and open applications. Local media attended, alongside the Force’s Chief Constable Craig Guildford and PCC Paddy Tipping (left of photo).

Although the campaign’s response is still currently being evaluated, the Force are happy with the comments they have received, which suggests the bus and tram advertising did assist in raising awareness of the recruitment drive within the local area.

With the recent intake having closed last week, you can find out more about job opportunities within Nottinghamshire Police here.



These advertising sites are situated prominently alongside the Nottingham tram network, delivering coverage with a raised dwell time. Affordable and unmissable, the posters reach out to your audience and engage with them whilst they travel. These 6ft x 4ft adverts really draw the eye. 


Situated in key locations within the bus, often head-on and in the eye-line of passengers, make them perfect for communicating your message. The location of this format, enhanced by the average bus journey time being over 30 minutes, makes these advertisements incredibly effective and difficult to miss.

Super Rears

These are the most predominant external site on a bus, with such campaigns offering the largest geographical footprint. Each single deck bus has one Super Rear site and each double deck bus has two; an upper and a lower. Super Rears deliver a largely vehicular audience, with extended dwell time enabling website, telephone or text details to be noted.


Nottingham Tram Advertising

With tram routes in Nottingham running through the city centre every few minutes, a population of around 300,000 and approximately16 million tram passenger journeys a year, advertising on the trams and/or tram stops is very popular. Get your message out to the masses with unavoidable exposure!

Our range of tram products has something for everyone; whether you’re looking to target passengers with internal tram adverts, or by using 6-Sheet advertising to target tram users waiting at the tram stop.

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