Advertising on a Budget

Advertising on a Budget

Do you need to raise awareness of your shop’s location or brand? Do you love the idea of seeing your advert on a bus in your area but are unsure where to start with advertising on a budget? We are currently managing an advertising campaign for no less than 10 shops on one bus advert in the Leicester area!

Amy, one of our Account Managers, had attended a pre-booked appointment in Leicester and decided to head to nearby shops afterwards to promote bus advertising in the local area. The area is known as Stoneygate shopping district, based on Allendale Road and Francis Street, and houses around 50 designer shops and eateries with free parking available.

One of the shops Amy approached was Betty Brown Boutique. The owner, Betty, chatted with Amy about how bus advertising could work for her and, impressed with the thought of it, asked Amy to leave it with her. A few weeks later, Betty got in touch with Amy to say that nine other shops she had spoken to wanted to club together and trial a Super Rear bus advert for 12 months on the fleet Centrebus Leicester. The shops collectively thought it was a fantastic way to get each of their names out to local shoppers while also bringing people in from other areas of Leicester. Advertising on a budget at its best!

Keen to get the bus advert seen by as many people in the area as possible, a random-routed bus was chosen. Random routed buses in Leicester can cover from as north as Loughborough and Melton Mowbray, all around towns like Thurmaston, Braunstone, Oadby, down to Uppingham and, of course, all around Leicester itself.

The nine shops which came on board with Betty Brown were Outerspace Garden Centre, Baker St. Cakes, Abiti Ladieswear, Polly’s Boutique, Amelia Nour, Tin Fish Shoes, Bang & Olufsen, Brown’s Lingerie & Beachwear Boutique and Hunters Estate Agents.

Advertising on a Budget – Benefits

The benefit to chipping in with other shops is that you can trial the idea for less money, or you could take out a larger bus advert than you maybe would be able to afford on your own. 

The shops involved can also all have a say in the campaign artwork and we would never go to print until each and every shop has approved the design. 

The advert which was fitted for these clients is simple and classy, with their names clearly visible. The campaign has only been running for a few weeks now, but we can’t wait to hear from the various shops to get their feedback!


Why Choose Adverta for Outdoor Advertising?

With over 20 years’ experience, we are a company who pride ourselves on our affordable, tailored advertising solutions. We don’t go after just the big bucks or the huge companies; we can help with your advertising on a budget. Whilst we do deal with large agencies that place national advertising campaigns, we are primarily a local advertising company for local businesses, working with your local transport operators.

We understand that money can be tight. We understand that you may be new to outdoor advertising and might need a little guidance. This is why we would much rather suggest a few cost-effective options that we envisage working best for you and your individual goals, even if that ends up being our smallest product.

We have an expert design team as part of our fully inclusive and affordable packages, so everything is done in-house under our full control.

Our satisfied clients have written some fantastic testimonials, like this from David Pemble of Oasis Hydroponics Ltd in Birmingham; “Having seen bus adverts running around my local area for a while, I’d never really thought about doing them myself… until Amy popped in one day to try and tempt me! Advertising on routes which I was able to specifically choose, my mix of streetliner and rear bus adverts are perfect for gaining exposure and raising awareness of the business, along with letting people know where they can find us. The adverts look fantastic and the process was incredibly easy. Best of all, the packages are affordable and people quite often mention they have seen our adverts on the buses. It’s so obvious that the adverts are working, I’ve already renewed campaigns which haven’t even expired yet!”

We are all about happy customers and, with an impressive 72% of our sales so far in 2017 having come from repeat business, we like to think we’re doing something right!