Nottingham Bus Advertising

Nottingham bus advertising Amores Italian Restaurant

This photo of Amores Italian restaurant and their Nottingham bus advertising showcases the impact and stunning visual which our outdoor advertising campaigns can create for your business.

This photo was recently voted as the best out of all those taken in January by our Regional Account Managers whilst out working their local patches. Portraying the impact a Twinliner bus advert can have, this photo shows that these panels will definitely catch your eye! The design, consisting of both a bold and striking visual packed with information, is highly visible to nearby pedestrians and motorists.

Amores is an Italian restaurant with restaurants in Gedling and Beeston, Nottingham. Priding themselves on presenting delicious food and excellent customer service, they first opened in 2003 and has been run by the same Italian family ever since. Over the years, they have seen a massive transformation due to their reputation and popularity in Nottingham; their Gedling restaurant went from a capacity of 60 tables with no lounge/bar area to now having doubled in size! The restaurant has a team of experienced chefs who cook anything to order and have an extensive menu serving classic Italian dishes from all over Italy.

Their Nottingham Bus Advertising Campaign 

Amore’s started their first advertising campaign with us way back in 2008 and had eight Super Square bus adverts for a six-month period. Since then, they have renewed with us continuously every year with various types of bus advertising panels including Super Squares, T-Sides, Mega Rears, these recent Twinliners and even a fully wrapped bus at one point! Proof indeed that bus advertising really does work.

Amores chose to cover specifically targeted areas around Nottingham, including their key areas of Beeston and Gedling. This way they are getting maximum exposure to their ideal potential customers who live in and are local to the areas.

Twinliner bus adverts are a wonderful way to expose your business to pedestrians on the high street as well as local motorists, which is perfectly demonstrated here by this photo. With two separate advert areas, one above and one below the window, you get maximum space to convey your message and key information.

Twinliners Bus Adverts

  • Twinliners can be positioned, according to the vehicle, nearside or offside
  • They are a cost-effective way of achieving large format sites and all the benefits this gives
  • They are an excellent way of reaching consumers at point of sale on the high street


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