My Furniture – Nottingham Bus Advertising with a Big Impact

Nottingham bus advertising My Furniture

This month’s Campaign of the Month winner’s title goes to My Furniture with their Nottingham bus advertising campaign! But it doesn’t stop there; their adverts are so striking that they ALSO swooped in to win Photo of the Month as well!

My Furniture is an out-of-town retailer specialising in well made, affordable, on-trend products such as furniture, upholstery, lighting and home accessories. Styles include Mirrored, French Rustic, Industrial, Contemporary and Retro. Most items are in stock and distributed on the next working day. What’s more, an impeccable and consistent 5-star Trustpilot rating assures that you can purchase with absolute confidence.

Many of their products are unique, visually striking and translate well into print. For this reason, bus advertising seemed a logical route for them as they were able to create a striking campaign, as well as targeting specific areas and presenting themselves to a wealth of potential consumers. 

When My Furniture was told that they had won our Campaign of the Month competition, they said “Adverta offered great advice on how to create a successful campaign and the graphics department interpreted our ideas exactly as we had intended. The finished adverts were vibrant, well produced and effective.”

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Nottingham Bus Advertising Campaign

My Furniture opted to have two Double Deck Mega Rears and three Single Deck Mega Rears over a 12-month period. Each bus has a different design to showcase their products and brand around the Nottingham area. The elegant designs make this campaign really stand out on the roads and, it has to be said, we rather love them!

Mega Rears act as a ‘second shop window’ on the road and provide an unavoidable road block. Due to the extended dwelling time mega rears offer, onlookers have time to take note of important information as well as allowing the client’s message to have a real impact and resonate with drivers and pedestrians alike.

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Thinking About Bus Advertising?

Buses are on the road between 10 and 18 hours a day, up to seven days a week. That’s a lot of time that your brand or event could be getting in front of your target audience! As well as being in town and city centres, buses also take to the residential areas, increasing the viewing further. We even have some buses that do more rural routes, which suits some of our clients and their needs.

With bus advertising, you’re not relying on a prospective customer to buy a form of print media and to turn the page onto your particular advert. You’re not relying on them having the radio or TV on at just the right time to catch your advert.

The only thing you have to rely on is us, Adverta, to look after your marketing needs from start to finish and we have decades of experience in doing so.