How to Advertise a Retail Business… Colourbank Leicester Gain Mass Exposure

Advertise a Retail Business

At our first Sales Meeting back since the pandemic hit, our Leicester-based Account Manager, Mel, really swept the board with another of her clients winning our most popular internal competition; Campaign of the Year 2020. Albeit a tad late due to recent circumstances, Colourbank were chosen as the winner from all the bus advertising campaigns that went live during 2020 and showed that buses are an ideal way to advertise a retail business locally.

Having been working with us since late 2020, it took around four years of us being in contact with Simon Johnson, Director of Colourbank, but the wait was definitely worth it for the exposure this company are now able to achieve in their target area!

The first campaign that Colourbank went with consisted of two Single Deck Mega Rear bus adverts on random routes of the Centrebus Leicester bus fleet, for a duration of 12 months. Less than six months later and they signed up for a further two Mega Rears to start in April 2021 and five more to start in July, this time each running for longer periods of 24 months.

Single Deck Mega Rear bus adverts are ever-popular with our clients, due to the prominent display size and location on the bus. They make the most of the dwell-time in traffic and are so eye-catching they manage to appeal to pedestrians and road users in good measure.

Colourbank have been in business for over 30 years, supplying beds, mattresses and flooring. Their stock includes everything you would expect, plus the well-known Karndean and Amtico flooring ranges, rugs and even artificial grass. They also offer stain-resistant carpets which I’m sure most of us could have benefitted from in hindsight at some point or another!

Their bed brands include Hypnos, Sealy and Silentnight and with two stores, they have over 100,000 square metres of stock to choose from, making them the largest independent bed and carpet retailer in Leicester.

We’re absolutely thrilled with how well these bus advertising campaigns are going for Colourbank and even more thrilled to be able to choose them as having the best bus advertising campaign from last year.

Why Use Buses to Advertise a Retail Business

There are over 30,000 buses in England alone. People see them, use them, and drive/walk past them every single day, and whatever is featured on the sides is often hard to ignore. Your advertisement on even one bus can be seen thousands of times. People are craving social interaction and a sense of normalcy. So, more people are getting out into the city to go shopping, go to restaurants, etc. Now is the perfect time to showcase your business on local buses for pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists to see. Whether you’re a new business just starting out, or you want to remind people that you’re still here even as we all step into this post-COVID-19 world, don’t be afraid to get creative.

Bus advertising is a great way to showcase your business. Now, with so many people out and about, why not take advantage of embracing the normalcy everyone is returning to, with a colourful, eye-catching advertisement on the go?

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