Bus Advertising in North Yorkshire: Harrogate College

Bus Advertising in North Yorkshire

Once again, Harrogate College has chosen bus advertising in North Yorkshire to get their college and courses out to the general public. They recently even won our Campaign of the Month with their standout advert!

Having been a client since 2013, Harrogate College had previously taken out Super Rear bus adverts with us on many occasions utilising the Transdev Harrogate bus fleet. However, having seen the impact that bus advertising can have in their local area, they chose to upgrade all of their 2018 bus advertising campaigns to Double Deck Mega Rears. This gave them a larger scale to work on and produced an even more unmissable advert.

Keeping the design clean and simple works well for them and this most recent campaign features an eye-catching purple design, hard to miss in even the murkiest Yorkshire weather!

Double Deck Mega Rears are one of our most popular panel types, featuring the ability to showcase a company or brand on the entire back of the bus. This generates unavoidable advertising which targets pedestrians and other road users.

Mega Rears make the boldest of statements and this, coupled with extended dwell time (as can be seen in this photo taken on a busy weekend in Harrogate) creates maximum exposure.

Long-life vinyl is used for these adverts, meaning the campaign can run for longer durations of up to two years. This results in a constant presence in the target area.


Why Bus Advertising for Your Business?

A range of business types use bus advertising. Whether you are a small business with one member of staff or a large council, we tailor-make packages to suit you, your business needs and, most importantly, your budget.

Buses enable you to drive your target audience towards your business and with the size and mobility of bus adverts, your message can reach hundreds of potential customers on a daily basis. 

We have decades of experience doing what we do and our testimonials prove that bus advertising really does work!