Adverta’s Bus Advertising Campaign of the Year 2014 – The Winner is Dynamo the Magician!

We looked through all the winners of our 2014 Bus Advertising Campaign of the Month internal competition to find our overall Campaign of the Year winner and it was Dynamo the magician who stole the crown. (Who also happened to be our December Campaign of the Month winner, if you’re wondering where that is!)

“Awesome” was how Dynamo himself described this advertisement. Forgoing the temptation for bright colours, this advert bucks the trend and is both distinctive and stylish.

Stature was a given, utilising large format T-sides and Supersides to cut through the clutter of urban Nottingham.

The combination of panel types also has a media benefit; the T-sides target a mostly automotive audience whilst the Supersides are more pedestrian orientated.

Crucially, a weighty 50 buses were booked to provide coverage of the city centre as well as Greater Nottingham area.

Adverta are proud to have been a part of this advertising campaign and we look forward to the start of Dynamo’s tour later in 2015.