The Active Advert

Bus advertising is very effective. People remember bus adverts as they are seen on a regular basis and often are very eye-catching and attention-grabbing. But what exactly is it that makes them so engaging?

People are more aware when they are in transit. This is caused by the primal part of our brains, dating back to when we were hunter-gatherers, always wary of sights and smells that could alert us to a potential predators or food sources. Because of this, when we are on the move, we are much more aware of our surroundings as we   take note of everything that is happening around us. This provides a fertile ground for advertisers to connect with people who are on the move.

The great outdoors is a fantastic place to tell people about your brand. Visual communication through posters and adverts can tell a whole story in a split second.

With out-of-home adverts on buses travelling through major cities and shopping areas, it is an ideal way of communicating with potential customers.

Bus advertisement is a great way to connect with customers by creating a clear narrative for you to tell your customers about your company. Whether you want to highlight your beautiful restaurant and promote your location, telephone number and website, or if you are looking at connecting your business with a national campaign through bus adverts, they are a simple yet effective way to do this.