Nottingham Advertising – Joint Winner of All Feb Campaigns

Nottingham Advertising

February’s other joint winner of Campaign of the Month, Deliveroo (via the agency Kinetic Worldwide Ltd) had advertising on bus fleet Nottingham City Transport and alongside the Nottingham Tram Network. We often work with agencies such as Kinetic via our Head of Specialist and Agency Sales, Stephen Spiers. These tend to be larger scale, national advertising campaigns.

Deliveroo is a well-known British online food delivery company founded in 2013 by Americans Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. Deliveroo is based in London and operates throughout an incredible 200 cities spread over the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. They work with some of the biggest chain restaurants across the UK, along with thousands of independent restaurants, delivering the food you want right to your door.

Deliveroo’s Nottingham Advertising Campaign

This isn’t Deliveroo’s first campaign with us; their first advertising campaign of four 6-Sheets hit the Nottingham area in 2015 for two weeks, followed by another campaign of 30 Superside bus adverts for 2 weeks on NCT during February 2016.

Following the success of previous advertising campaigns and eager to promote their latest marketing campaign, Deliveroo most recently opted for 50 Superside bus adverts at NCT for four weeks and 21 6-Sheets (tram stop adverts) for two weeks during February 2018. 

Nottingham Advertising

This mix of advert types within Nottingham targets both bus and tram users, increasing exposure.

6-Sheet advertising sites are situated alongside the Nottingham tram network. These are affordable and unmissable, reaching out to potential customers and engaging with them whilst they are travelling. To find out more about 6-Sheets, please click here.

Superside bus advertising panels are a great option as they are seen by motorists and pedestrians alike. These huge 20ft long posters on Double Deck buses are impossible to visually lose within the crowds of the city centres; they sit above eye level, so exposure is at maximum output. To find out more about Supersides, please click here.

3 Key Advertising Statistics

  • Bus advertising is the most seen outdoor advertising medium, with 61% of consumers saying they had seen bus adverts in the last seven days (Source: TGI)
  • Out of Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week (Source: Route)
  • 83% of people recall saying Out of Home advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping (Source Outsmart, Windows of Influence, 2011)


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