Vision Pharmacy, Leicester – Rear Bus Advertising

Rear bus advertising

We thought this photograph of Vision Pharmacy in Leicester was one of the best photos we snapped during October as it shows the potential that Super Rear bus advertising can have. We’d all agree that traffic isn’t ideal when we’re trying to get somewhere quickly, but there’s no doubt that it is perfect when it’s YOUR advert on the back of the bus!

Super Rear bus panels are well-known for their extended time in traffic and this photo taken by our Account Manager, Mel, shows this off to absolute perfection. Anyone would have thought we’d tampered with the traffic lights just to get this shot!

Though the detail of this particular advert may not be clearly visible to the camera lense, you can be sure that the surrounding road users and pedestrians had a much better view of it. The motorists affected by the traffic may have been cursing but this is EXACTLY what we like to see – bus advertising doing its job of appealing to a broad audience with a high dwell time!

Vision Pharmacy has been established for over six years and is based in the Midlands. Whilst ensuring their practices are up to date with the latest technology and their teams are trained to the highest standards, they focus on providing a specialist and effective medicine service for their customers all over the UK. 

The Campaign Details

Vision Pharmacy decided to take out five Super Rear bus adverts on the Centrebus Leicester fleet to start in June 2017 and to run for 12 months. All five adverts are on random-routed buses, therefore cover a wide area of Leicester as can be seen here on our route map.

Each of the five buses also carried the exact same artwork so ensure a consistent message for brand awareness, while the adverts carried key information that was easy to see at a glance.Super rear bus advertising


We received some lovely feedback from Vision Pharmacy mere days after their campaign went live. Giving Adverta a 5-star rating for overall service and also our artwork design service, we couldn’t have been happier to hear how pleased they were with the outcome of a few weeks of hard work.

Sohail Amjed, Director of Vision Pharmacy also said: “Tina (our sales manager) and Mel have both been fantastic and the young lady at artwork (Sarah, our Campaign Delivery Manager) has been immensely supportive.” Sohail also told us even at this early stage of the campaign that he would be very likely to use our services again in the future, so here’s to a long-lasting business relationship!

Rear Bus Advertising – Key Info

  • Super Rear bus adverts are a prominent external bus advertising site
  • Each single deck bus has one Super Rear site and each double deck bus has two; an upper and a lower
  • Super Rears deliver a largely vehicular audience, with extended dwell time enabling website, telephone or text details to be noted


Why Choose Adverta?

Over the years, our team of dedicated professionals have helped thousands of businesses with their transport advertising needs.

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