Tram Advertising Opportunities in Nottingham – Big News!

Never one to do things by halves, Adverta has undergone two big and exciting changes in September!

We are excited to unveil the first (watch this space for the second!) as having once again partnered up with Nottingham Trams Ltd to sell tram advertising space on their 37 trams and extensive tram stop sites; product range to follow online shortly!

Having worked previously with NTL for many years, we are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to further build our successful relationship with them.

Adverta brings you new tram advertising opportunities

We are also excited to once again have the opportunity of sharing our extensive knowledge of the local area, as well as many years’ experience of selling tram advertising space with both our existing and future clients.

Mike Terry, Sales & Commercial Director, says; “Adverta is honored to have been chosen as the supplier of advertising for Nottingham’s tram network once again. As a local company employing local people, we are proud and excited about the opportunities especially now that lines two and three are successfully up and running. This really cements our position as the key transport advertising provider in the area.”

With our tram advertising product line echoing that of the bus advertising products we already have on offer, we are also able to provide illuminated tram stop advertising on over 140 different sites – either as part of a multi-faceted transport advertising campaign, or simply on their own.

Nottingham has a population of 300,000 with more than 10 million tram users each year and 45,000 students – what better way to get your message out to the masses?!

Chris Williams, Commercial Manager of Nottingham Trams Ltd, says; “NTL is delighted to welcome back Adverta to provide us with their expertise and knowledge of our tram system.  We were very impressed by their experienced team and, in particular, their approach of blending national campaigns with great value packages for local businesses – we are looking forward to building the advertising profile of Nottingham’s newly extended tram network with them.”

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