TC Cakes Goodie Box – Winner of May’s Campaign of the Month

TC Cakes Goodie Box decided to do bus advertising in order to reach everyone possible in the local area of Hinckley. The idea of the buses was really appealing to them as it’s a form of advertising they have never tried, and already they are having people say they have seen their advert on the bus. The reason they went for a 60 by 20 inch rear was because they are targeting a whole range of different people. The car drivers, pedestrians and whoever else may be in eye sight of their colourful  eye catching advert.

The reason Trish put Dimples the sleeping Dalmatian on the poster is because this time last year, she made two cakes – one for a cancer charity raffle prize and one for a competition on her Facebook page.

The competition was to name the dog cake to win it and a lady in Scotland won the prize and chose Dimples as the name.  She then shared the picture on Renshaws Baking page, and it went viral; they had messages from Australia, India, USA and Canada!

Trish, the owner, has won over 23 awards at international level, she is now a judge at the Cakes shows and has been for over 10 years.