Super Rear Bus Advertising

Super Rear Bus Advertising

June’s winner of Campaign of the Month was Sayers The Bakers with their Super Rear bus advertising campaign in the West Midlands.

Sayers The Bakers has been established since 1912 and remained a family business until 1977 when it was sold to United Biscuits. In 1990 Warburton’s bought Sayers, who then sold to Lyndale Foods in 1996, the following year the family was expanded further when they were bought from Roberts Bakery in 1997.

Today, Sayers is the biggest independent retail baker in the North West with over 150 shops throughout the region. Alongside retail bakery shops, Sayers also serves customers in 25 cafes.

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Super Rear Bus Advertising in the West Midlands

Sayers the Bakers took out 10 Super Rear bus adverts for a four-week basis on the Diamond Tividale bus fleet in June, covering Wolverhampton. Sayers wanted their first campaign to be impactful, which is why they opted to concentrate their adverts in one area. All 10 buses carry the exact same artwork, ensuring a consistent message across the local area.

Keely Palin, Marketing Manager for Sayers, told us “We chose a World Cup theme for our campaign, as it fits with the time period of our bus adverts, plus the fact that the entire nation became swept up in World Cup Mania and we knew that the play on words would capture people’s attention. Luckily the campaign remained neutral, so we didn’t have to worry about England not making the final!” 

Super Rear Bus Advertising – Key Info

  • Super Rear bus adverts are a prominent external bus advertising site
  • Each single deck bus has one Super Rear site and each double deck bus has two; an upper and a lower
  • Super Rears deliver a largely vehicular audience, with extended dwell time enabling the brand logo, website, and telephone details to be noted

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