St Albans Motor Show – Event Advertising

Event Advertising

The campaign first over the checkered line this month was St Albans Motor Show with their bold and beautiful Streetliners bus adverts stealing the Campaign of the Month crown. Event advertising has never looked so good!

The St Albans Motor Show first started in March 2016 and received a fantastic response from the local community. With this in mind, St Albans BID organised another free street event this year, allowing all car enthusiasts, families and friends, the chance to have a fabulous day out.

Situated on St Peters Street, this event which took place on 24th September offered a fun day out with a range of different activities for all the family to enjoy. With over a dozen car companies exhibiting a wide selection of cars, visitors were able to see the latest models from dealers, not forgetting a display of prestige cars and supercar experiences.

The event also had a range of additional activities, including Oakland College kit cars and tractors, a children’s drive-in cinema, street performances and fantastic food and drink.  They even had a giant Scalextric set, allowing everyone the opportunity to be a racer for the day! Is anyone else reliving their childhood right now?

This event was a raging success for the local area, offering an opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy their love of motors together.

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Their Event Advertising Campaign

Razzberry Panda, the agency used to book the campaigns for St Albans BID, opted to use Streetliner bus adverts to promote the Motor Show due to their pedestrian and vehicular audiences. They took 15 streetliners over a three week period on the Centrebus Luton and Stevenage fleets.

Streetliners are available in 10ft and 13ft long posters and deliver the message at eye-level to motorists and pedestrians alike. These are a great panel to use for high quantity, short burst campaigns as they allow you to cover a large geographical area.

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Thinking About Bus Advertising?

Buses are on the road between 10 and 18 hours a day, up to seven days a week. That’s a lot of time that your brand or event could be getting in front of your target audience! As well as being in town and city centres, buses also take to the residential areas, increasing the viewing further. We even have some buses that do more rural routes, which suits some of our clients and their needs.

With bus advertising, you’re not relying on a prospective customer to buy a form of print media and to turn the page onto your particular advert. You’re not relying on them having the radio or TV on at just the right time to catch your advert.

The only thing you have to rely on is us, Adverta, to look after your marketing needs from start to finish and we have decades of experience in doing so.