Nottingham Bus Advertising: My Furniture

Nottingham Bus Advertising

The winner of October’s Campaign of the Month was My Furniture with their stand-out bus advertising campaign. 

My Furniture is an affordable, luxury home furniture company who pride themselves in providing high quality, bespoke products, as well as excellent customer service, but without the excessive price tag.  Their aim to satisfy their customers with a personal approach no matter their budget is one key thing that makes My Furniture stand out from their competitors. 

Founded in 2009, My Furniture is proud to say that their own upholstery team are based in Long Eaton. Long Eaton is known as the epicentre of upholstering throughout the whole of the UK which makes this even more of a reason for them to shout about this! Catering to a wide variety of customers from people who are buying for their home, right through to a tradesperson buying a fleet of products, their showroom based in Sandiacre has an excellent team who will be happy to help you.


The Nottingham Bus Advertising Campaign

Nottingham Bus AdvertisingMy Furniture has been on board with Adverta, utilising the Nottingham City Transport bus fleet for outdoor advertising, since October 2016.

Keen to promote their modern and luxury products throughout the whole of Nottingham to widen the net for potential customers, My Furniture initially opted to take out two Double Deck and three Single Deck Mega Rear bus adverts, each for 12-month periods. Each advert was put on a different dedicated route through Nottingham to target specific areas and consumers.

Eight months later, after the success of the initial five bus adverts, two further bus adverts were added to their portfolio in the form of Double Deck Mega Rears running for 12 months. Again, opting to have these two additional buses on different routes to the other adverts, their exposure was further amplified across Nottingham.

The original five adverts recently renewed in October 2017 but this time for 24 months instead of 12, having been impressed with the initial impact of their first adverts. They also took the plunge and added a further Double Deck Mega Rear on another different route; there is literally no stopping these guys!

Each bus carries a different design, showcasing a specific piece of furniture from their range with the item name showing on it. This allows the customer to search on My Furniture’s website for this and other corresponding items.

The adverts have proven popular with our staff as they are contemporary yet simple, sleek and classy. Despite the main feature of each advert being a different item of furniture, the branding of the company carries seamlessly across the entire marketing campaign.

At the time of writing this article, My Furniture has an enviable fleet of three Single Deck and five Double Deck Mega Rears, with a further bus advert in the pipeline for the New Year!

The Bus Adverts

Mega Rear bus adverts act as a ‘second shop window’ as they are totally unavoidable. The extended dwell time, coupled with a bold and stunning visual, gives onlookers lots of time to observe the advert and take in key information which is being promoted.

Long-life vinyl is used for these large bus adverts, meaning the campaigns can easily run for up to two years – giving a constant presence out on the roads.

Three Key Statistics

  • 74% of people in the regions agree that buses are an important part of the community, giving businesses who advertise on buses a positive relationship with the local population (Source: Road to Enlightenment: QMedia)
  • Bus advertising is the most seen outdoor advertising medium, with 61% of consumers saying they had seen bus adverts in the last seven days (Source:TGI)
  • Out of Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week (Source: Route)


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