Masa Restaurant – Winner of December’s Campaign of the Month

Masa Restaurant is situated in a fantastic, characteristic, Grade II listed chapel in the heart of the university residences, just outside Derby city centre and they are considered to be one of the best restaurants in the local area. Masa opted to take two Mega Rear spaces over a 12 month campaign to operate on the local bus company, Notts & Derby, as these buses provide an ideal platform that allows Masa to take their message to areas on an extremely local scale. The Mega Rear is, by its nature, designed to create impact within the city to remind people of the various facilities, such as weddings and conferences, as well as the dining experience they offer along with their offers on food .

Their location is not prominent, with the roads around Masa being redeveloped for less traffic,  the bus adverts are great at acting as their moving billboards to take a message out to other areas and people, who have yet to visit them.

The size of their ads mean they are visually unavoidable and can reach a much broader section of the public than most other types of media.  Working closely with the local bus company, certain routes were selected which  allowed us to target specific areas which were significant to the success of the campaign.

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