Effective Advertising In Nottingham

effective advertising in nottingham

Where is the best place to advertise when your target audience is, well, everyone? Transportation.

Buses are huge; they reach everyone around them and they are everywhere, which is precisely why bus advertising in Nottingham works exceptionally well. Alongside this, the Nottingham tram network carries over 18 million passengers on their journey every year. 

This is a huge attraction for companies that see the merits of a tram wrap for their advertising in Nottingham. You’re not just thinking about the people on the bus or tram with these ‘moving posters’. You’re reaching potential customers in their cars, on the street and even in the buildings alongside the road. Half the people that come across bus advertising Nottingham don’t even realise they are seeing the adverts – and that is precisely the point.

When you have something under your nose all the time, you subconsciously notice it. When those adverts are the size of a bus, you’re going to register those adverts even if you see them in passing. You’ll remember the product, because it’s been splashed on the side of a huge moving vehicle.

So, why use bus and tram advertising in Nottingham?

Well, the reasons are many. They make sense and they will make your product reach far more people than any other medium out there:

  • You can’t switch it off.
  • People cannot ignore the giant bus going by them on the street.
  • Commuters can’t switch it over, turn the page, or put it down. It’s there; whether they want to see it or not.
  • Bright and bold designs draw attention.
  • The advertisement that we help you craft is occupying the space without sharing it with other products or companies.
  • Flexible advert sizes mean that you can choose how big of a space you want to use – and the sizing can be massive!

Types of bus & tram advertising

Buses are an effective medium for advertisement and it’s primarily because of their size. The reach of the advertisement is huge, and you are reaching those inside the bus as well as outside it. Buses travel through some of the busiest streets in Nottingham, which means that a well-placed advert will reach the right audience no matter how little you try. So, what are the types available?

  • Full Wrap. The largest way to advertise your company or product, this covers both sides of the vehicle including the windows, giving your company or advert maximum exposure. You will be visible from three angles, and you get ‘ownership’ of the vehicle.
  • T-Side. For a short-term or long-term campaign, you can dominate the streets with your brand. The flexibility of a side panel is wonderful for any company that wants to showcase what they can offer. The product or model placement is perfect, especially for bus advertising in Nottingham.
  • Mega Rear. These really are are a standout panel on the buses. Long-life vinyl is used to maximise a constant presence. This allows for long-term, targeted messaging for pedestrians, commuters and shoppers, giving your brand fantastic exposure.

If you want your brand to scream out loud to thousands of people, bus and tram advertising is the way to go.

Take a look at these Nottingham Tram and Bus Adverts


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